Parralel Universes & the mandela effect

I’ve seen multiple movies about parallel universes and inter-dimensional travel. And this always interested me, we are surrounded by a vast number of universes and galaxies so many that we can’t even count. theres a theory that its possible to travel between these universes to parallel realities without even realizing. Worlds that are just like our own but with slight changes.

If you’ve ever been to the “dark side” of youtube, you might have heard of the mandela effect.TheĀ Mandela effectĀ is theĀ belief that there are Ā differences between one’sĀ memoriesĀ and the real world, which is caused by changes to past events in the timeline. Many Mandela effect believers believe it is caused by accidental travel betweenĀ alternate universes.

for my project, id like to connect both parallel universes and the Mandela effect to ur everyday lives.

One thought on “Parralel Universes & the mandela effect

  1. Thanks Alyssa for this proposal. I think this topic has a lot of potential, but because it the proposal is quite short/general (and doesn’t discuss any research), it’s not clear to me how you will proceed. How/why do you want to “connect both parallel universes and the Mandela effect” to “everyday lives”? Are you going to explore parallel universes as depicted in science fiction texts? Are you going to look at the “science” behind these depictions? Are you going to look at their effects on reality?

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