Next Steps for Final Research Project

Hi everyone:

Good discussions today about research, drafting proposals, and the final project. You can use your freewriting from class today as a starting off point, but please make sure to read carefully through the entire Final Research Project assignment (clicking on all links: Proposal and Research, Presentation, Cover Letter and Abstract) and get started on as much exploratory research as possible to help you define/refine your topics/proposals as much as possible. Remember, this is all that we’re working on for the remainder of the semester, so just dive right in (the more work you put in early, the better your payoff will be later on)!

We’ll be having a series of additional writing workshops in class, along with peer review and one-on-one conferencing with me, but it’s never too early to get feedback/ask questions. If you have any general questions about the project/assignment, leave a “comment” here to ask them. If you want to discuss your individual proposal & ideas, then email me privately. Remember, the more information you give me about what you want to research/why/its focus, the more helpful feedback & direction I will be able to provide.

Also, if you were absent today, please also make sure, ASAP, to sign up for a time slot for your individual conference next Tuesday (5/16). The schedule is up here, and you can sign up for any one of the remaining slots by replying to this post.

Happy researching 🙂

Professor Belli

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