Julia’s Role in the Novel

The role of Julia is very complicated in the novel. Julia is not a true rebel as Winston thought she was at first, she is also not for the government/party either. Julia role is to fulfill her own desire and feel free but still, want the government control. Julia acts like a basic citizen of Oceania, but her impulses drive her to rebel.

Winston’s relationship with Julia begins to build more, their difference toward the party unravels. Both Winston and Julia rebel against the party (Big Brother), but their ideas and thoughts differ from each other. Winston’s thoughts on Julia ideas as, “accepting the party as something unalterable, like the sky, not rebelling against its authority but simply evading it”(134). It describes Julia as a person who thinks nothing can defeat Big Brother and just simply want to fulfill her desire, not caring about the party. On the other hand, Winston seems to want a rebellion, to experience a future when the party is not in control, wanting the life that was taken from him before the revolution. Julia and Winston show their rebellion by having the desire to be with each other whenever they have free time to do so. Julia wanted what she cannot get, she said “If you kept the small rules you could break the big ones”, she used the small rules and kept following them through so no one would suspect her of breaking any rule, which gave her a chance to break other rules(132).

Furthermore, Julia does not want to really rebel against the party and rather live her own life within the party. Winston asked Julia about rebelling against the party and Julia responded with, “I’m not interested in the next generation”, she does not care much about rebelling (159). Julia only cared about anything that is relevant to her and just break the rules of the party to fulfill her desire. Julia does not care about truth or lies as the narrator said, “the difference between truth and falsehood did not seem important to her” (157). Julia believes what she believes and don’t care about what the party spew out. Julia is conscious of the party, unlike the society which is brainwashed by fake or altered news by the party and the government of Oceania.

Throughout the beginning of the story, Winston, and Julia are very cautious when going about with their everyday lives. Winston even suspected Julia to be a spy, but when they meet they seem less cautious than before. Trying to meet whenever they can, they acted like real couples and not the one in which the party arranges the marriage. The narrator said: “They did not discuss the possibility of getting married. It was too remote to be worth thinking about” (134). Julia and Winston are in love with each other and did not care if they were married or not.

Overall, Julia does whatever she desire during her free time and follows the party’s rule whenever it is necessary. Julia is not really against the party, but she feels oppressed by the party, even saying that the party tries to steal away “pleasure”. Julia is in between, she is not a true rebel and dislikes the function of the government/party.

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  1. Jorge, this is a wonderful, focused post about Julia’s attitude towards rebellion. Excellent use of textual evidence to support your discussion. I’ve chosen it as a “featured post” for this week … great job 🙂

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