Hello my name is Jaraad. Nice to meet everyone. I am from NYC and was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens. I am currently in my first year of city tech but I do come from another college before. I went to Queensborough Community College and I graduated from there recently with a degree in liberal arts. I want to do nursing and I plan to apply to the program this semester to see if I can get in for the fall and for my career goals it was always something associated with the medical field. I like to do various things in my free time when I am not  at work or at school like go to the gym or play video games. I read or watch manga and anime as well as some other shows you would see on tv, like for example the walking dead. Also I play playstation 4. I also listen to various kinds of music, but what I do have a big interest in would be rap and hip-hop because ever since I was little I grew up on that and have always respected and enjoyed listening to it. What I mean when I say this is that I enjoy the old classics from the 1980’s, 90’s, early 2000’s and maybe some after 2010, but honestly I am not a fan of the mumble rap that many like or those radio hits or songs that barely have meaning to it. (No offense to anybody).

My strengths as a writer is that honestly I don’t really know so I am sorry I can’t really answer that question. My weaknesses as a writer would be that I do sometimes make a lot of grammatical mistakes in essays and some of my sentences sometimes tends to be longer than they usually have to. What I enjoy about writing is the part of expressing how you feel. What I don’t enjoy is having to write essay’s sometimes. I do not have any experience using openlab, this is actually my first time. My experience with science fiction came from watching movies like star wars, transformers and some others and also playing video games as well. I think that this course is going to be an interesting one not just because of the fact that it deals with science fiction but because I will actually get to learn about it in a more in depth scale and also get to see how this class will be.


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