Hello everyone my name is pedro but, my friends call me peter or my last name Ribota. I’m a computer system technology student but I have a computer background from my country as a computer technician. I don’t really talk  a lot I’m more like analytical  person, I prefer to observe first what’s going on around my environment and then I make a decision on my thoughts. I know is weird lol.

I really don’t know my strengths, weaknesses as a writer, reader, and thinker because I’m not really into it. I hate writing papers but analyze and read a good lecture makes me go deeper in the plot of the story.  I don’t have any experience using OpenLab this is my first time blogging, of course except when I was on Facebook long time ago,

My experience with science fiction are movies, and videos games.  Any movie that is about space, monsters, unrealistic situation such as superhero, zombies, the end of the world, human with super powers. I can connect science fiction with my major or career because with computer you can create a whole different perspective of how to see the world. Like giving life our creatures that we have on our imagination or thoughts.


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