Humans Effect on Sentient Robots

The things I’m up to are finding more sources to help further my research project. I planned out some of the sources I will be using below and also the research question I formulate with explanations on how I got up to this point. Also some sub questions I have made to help make the argument stronger.

Research Question: What effect will humanity have on the development of sentient androids moral principles?


Will humanity seek control of sentient androids?

Humans will control the sentient robots, humans are always seen as power hungry and will take what ever chance they got to rule over any beings. Often control will provide them with a sense of security and that they won’t be destroyed. They will likely prevent them from knowing or learning and keep them at a manageable level of intelligence. Humanity will consider that it is morally right to control their own creation. The enslavement on robot is often seen in many science fiction literature. Humanity will impose their own moral on the sentient robot because it will benefit their own cause.

Is it morally right for human beings to create a whole race of sentient androids?

One of the four basic principle of moral is to follow what nature intended. Building a race of sentient android is not natural. Humanity will be going against its own moral principle. Furthermore, it create life out of inorganic material which all life in nature is organic. The building of sentient android will ultimately change the basic moral principle that humanity follows. If moral principle that humanity has changed then so will the sentient android moral.


(1) Anderson, Michael, and Susan Leigh Anderson. “The status of machine ethics: a report from the AAAI Symposium.” Minds and Machines 17.1 (2007): 1-10.

The article discusses issues that may arise in future when artificial intelligence. It also explain how human should approach artificial intelligence to minimize the risk of any danger. It shows human’s ethical assessments on artificial intelligence and how the moral status of artificial intelligence is different from humanity moral status.

This article will be useful to help determine humanity’s moral stand point on artificial intelligence. It also provide the different path can take in terms of ethical assessments. Since the main focus of this research is about the moral of human when a sentient android, the article talk about the ethical issue surrounding artificial intelligence. Sentient is not programmable, artificial intelligence is. The article does provide many ethical issue that are still relevant to sentient android. It will serve as background information to the research.

(2) Sullins, John P. “When is a robot a moral agent.” Machine Ethics (2006): 151-160.

The article shows to the extend of what sentient robots can accomplish. It discusses a wide range of task that sentient robot are capable of. The interaction between human and sentient robots. It also discusses to what degree of sentience the human are able to make the robot feel. It shows the wide range of real world application that sentient robots are used for.

The article is mainly background information to help introduce the research in the presentation. It will help the audience understand what sentience is and what it can do. It will be mainly used in the research to define what sentient robot is for the audience to understand.


The comment given by my peers and professor was very helpful. It help me to narrow down the research I have been to doing. One thing the comment I have recieve have in common is they are asking about the research question. When I formulated one, the questions received from the peer review help a lot in forming what my whole research should be about and it help with forming the research question. Overall the project is overwhelming, but also I find it fun to do because I haven’t done proper research for a while.

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