How do we Treat Sentient Robots?


As technology continue to evolve and in a few centuries there is no doubt that we will be able to build sentient robots. Sentient robots are intriguing since they will also be able reason and feel like a human being. Some of the science fiction theme when it comes to sentient robot is that they either come out as evil or humans imposing restriction on them. Sentient robot might or might not have the same mentality as a human being. The question is do we treat the robot the same as we treat other animals or species that are not related to us,? such as hunting them, making them pets, and even enslaving them.

Sentient robots might even take on human form and become an android. It is only when sentient robots has taken the form of a human being that we begin to question the ethics of sentience in robots. Questions is it morally right to create a whole race of sentient robot without any consent at all? Just like human being, sentient robot might also be unpredictable. Through all these drawbacks why create sentient robot at all and not just robots? It is because one day human creativity, intellligence, and uniqueness will become obsolete and who will fulfill that role, sentient robots. That comes back to the question of “do we have the right to control sentient robots, even when they feel ?” One thing is for certain, if sentient robots are self aware of their situation they will always obey their creators similarly to a child that must obey their parent.

In the emotion department, sentient robots will be able to feel what normal human would feel in certain situations. Emotion could be consider as a flaw for the sentient robots. Is it right to be able to tell the robot what to feel and how to react. This come to the moral dilemma of nature versus nurture. Do we implement our own ideas into the robots or do we let them think for themselves and learn for themselves? We can also think of the sentient robots as a child being shown a world that can be wonderful or a disaster and it mainly depend on how we treat the sentient robots. Questioning the moral status of the sentient robots, one direction human can go is treating the sentient robots just like livestock. The situation is very similar to the race with the human species. Encountering foreign things no matter if they only slightly different, human always tend to stray on a dark path and exploit the weakness of other beings. No doubt if sentient robots are introduce questions about ethics would be raised and sentient robots would maybe impossible to conceive due to human ethics. It would also raise the questions about “is it just creating life itself, just in different form than the flesh and blood that we human are?”There is a lot of ethical issues regarding the sentience of robots. One day it might come true, due to human curiosity.


In the writing of the revised proposal, I have changed many aspect of it from the draft. The draft proposal contained to many ideas to follow and it was just to general. In the revised proposal I have narrow it down by doing research based on the advice given in the comment in the proposal draft. The ideas I have came up with was more complex and more focus. In order to write this proposal I took one question from the proposal draft and expanded on it by doing research. The research led me to a more general ideas of sentient robots. As I began to dig more into the sentience of robots I found a good understanding of what the research should contain. In the process of the research, the idea of robot rights and ethics of sentient robot kept popping up. Though the research did led me where I wanted to be, it also showed other intresting topic to investigate. One thing that the research challenged was my patience. After getting used to every necessary information hand to me, the idea of research really tested my patience. There is always dead end and I for most of the time did not know what I was looking for until it was right in front of me. In the writing of this proposal I have ditch the idea of humanoid, because that is a subject on its own that need researching. While doing the research, I have come across many irrelevant ideas in google scholar but still manage to find sources that I was able to use. In city tech’s online library I was able to modify my search more narrower and find what I need. In the process of compiling the proposal I have ditch many of the ideas I have research because it wasn’t focused enough to be used. The proposal was all written in my own word though some ideas were taken from researching and used to make my point a bit more clear to the audience. Though still at this point I’m uncertain if the research was enough.


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