Has progress come to an end?

Nothing in life is a coincidental. The episode opens up with a naked women named Doleres being questioned. She is talking about the small town she lives in and how happy she is that the “new comers” come in to town. Westworld is an HBO show about a Western Theme park run by engineers, scientist and story tellers.The main attraction are androids. They are called host and carry out a storyline. The park and the host were made to fulfill the pleasures of the rich people who pay to go there.The newcomers can hurt them and do whatever they want with the host.

Through Dolores we see that everyday is almost the same. The days play out the same with small modifications to storylines based on actions by the new comers. Tours the end of the day, the engineers come up and take the androids to the lab fix them up. Ask them question and wipe their memories alway.

The lab is located underground. There are many levels and floors to this lab. The top engineer Bernard is alert it that something is going on floor B83. He accompanies the men to see whats going on. This floor is used to store androids with malfunctions. We soon see Robert Ford, the founder and creative director of Westworld, having a conversation with an android. Bernard and Robert discuss how the androids have come a long way when looking at the old android. Especially now more then ever that they have added a new update to the host. This new update gives the host human like gestures which makes it hard to tell that they are androids.

Around 28:00 we see the host begin to malfunction after the new update. The host that plays the sheriff role begins to twitch funny. Also, around 40:00 an android that was killed the previous day is showing signs of malfunction. It kills everyone at the bar and startles the newcomers. This Prompts the engineers and story tellers to modify the storylin. The new stortline is more gruesome.

Dolores father finds a picture that is out of place with their storyline. He ask Dolores about it and she says its nothing. But he stays fixated on the picture and begins to malfunction as well. The new gestures are tied to certain memories. He begins to remember other roles he play and what happens to him and the Dolores at the end of every day. He gets killed by bandits and Dolores gets raped. Robert interrogates the android and he says to him “He is in a prison of his own sins”. This is what gives everyone the realization that the update with the gestures are prompting old memories from previous roles.

Dolores is question as well because of the malfunctions. She is asked if she’s telling the truth? which she answers yes. Also, if she would ever hurt a living thing? she says of course not. These are the routine questions asked to all the androids. Through this interaction we find out Dolores is the oldest android in the park. She is fixed every day and is good as new. The episode ends with Dolores watching from a distance in her front porch. A fly lands on her neck. After a brief moment she kills it. This indicates Dolores lied about two things. Telling the truth and not hurting a living thing.

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