Good memories never dies

My visit to  a new world of a science fiction was interesting. Visiting the science fiction archives was an amazing experience where i feel i can spend countles of hours reading magazines and book without getting boring. I wish i could stay longer because there is something.special about that place that i can’t describe it like a magic place where you can feel a strong energy atmosphere.  There was a book that caught my attention during my visit in the archives. There is was this book call “Be my enemy” i wish i could read more than just the hard cover it looks interesting like the book calling my name maybe because i love so much about fiction, or sci-fi stories.

the golden age was a great period. when i thought of the golden age,i believe that gave a great impact on the sci-fi community. giving the best stories. after i did a little research about it . this was my The Golden Age of Science Fiction — regularly perceived as the period from the late 1930s through the 1950s was a time amid which the sci-fi increased wide open of numerous great sci-fi stories were distributed. Ever, the Golden Age takes after the “pulp” of the 30s, the pulp was recognize as a era were sci-fi stories were printed out on cheap material and have different designed like monsters spaces ship and more giving life to different stories.

A impressed collection of sci-fi books and magazines. every time i thought of the word archives i thought on old document that no one see untill they need it, but looking at this science fiction archives changed my mind. looking at this huge collection of magazines and books, i understand the meaning of having archives. it’s not just to have a bunch of documents or files in a place. it’s because those documents has value and meaning for the new generation that will take over. i admire the work and time that this person put into to save all those magazines and books.


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