First class, Class notes.

Group Activity-  Groups were made up of about (2) two to (3) three people.

Each person was asked to share things about themselves and become more acquainted with each other.  Coupled with getting to know each other, there were also certain interest shared such as Major, Interest in Science Fiction, experience with Science Fiction, (favorite text) and the purpose they think it serves.

Things associated with Science Fiction are:  Movies such as – War Manga 4000.

  • Dr. Belli clearly discussed and outlined what the course entails and what to expect moving forward.  The syllabus for the course was also given out to the students and also posted online.
  • Professor Belli also mentioned to the class about a school based website known as Open Lab.  This websites enables students to access information pertaining to the course and how students can use this as a place to blog, write feed back of things discussed in class and also learn more about each other through our introductions posted on the website.
  • The students were also encouraged to go to the open lab website and set up accounts and to also be aware that there is home work that posted there for the class.



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