Final Project: Artifical Intelligence and Human Concerns

People have received most of their knowledge about Artificial Intelligence from many type media content like Terminator, I, Robot, and Bicentennial Man in the last century. What we have witnessed is that the AI has been represented in either a negative or positive character in the stories, but now AI has become our reality in our everyday life. People will take what they have learned about AI and most likely lean to the negative idea of either AI “Going to take over the world” or “This is the end of humanity.” My presentation is to bring a little light on how AI is, directly and indirectly, effect out very day lives and if we should be afraid of the future outcomes that are involved in A.I. The topic I’ll be taking will include proving my argument will be Unemployment, Medical, and the Military. Because A.I. is such huge topic to talk about, I’ll be breaking down the definition to other keywords like Weak A.I. and Strong A.I. to simplify the point surrounding the topic.

My goal to towards the end of my presentation is to educate the audience a little about A.I. and the current application that either in the works or that they are personal using at the moment. Also, show the positive and negative outcomes of have A.I. in our world today.

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