Discussion about Metropolis Film

Metropolis was a film by Fritz Lang. It is a German movie and it is also a silent film in which it plays and shows the scenes but they would also use words to describe what characters say or what happens in certain events throughout the movie as well. Other info about this movie is that after it had it’s first premier it was than altered later on. Since that happened it was divided up into fragments than soon after the full version was found in Buenos Aires and also afterwards it was reconstructed in Argentina and than restored back. Also since this is an oldtime film, it is in black and white.

In the movie it looks as though it takes place in a futuristic time period. It seems that there is division among the people within the movie. There are workers who are working and they seem to be in one part of the city and than there are people who are wealthy and they seem to be in another part of the city. In the beginning we see that as the workers are working, we than see the words “Shift Change” and when the workers are arriving for their shifts they are seen walking in a sort of same manner and they all look the same as though they are wandering zombies. It seems that they are put through a intensive labor type of jobs and it probably drains life out of them.  The story takes place in Metropolis. Throughout the film’s story it seems that there has been a difference in ideas between a father and a son. Josaphat is the name of the son and it his father banished him from his presence and than the son continues to travel on. Even though he sent his son away he still wants to know his movements as according to the movie he tells a man to track his movements. As the son travels he finds a man operating a clock like machine and he offers to step in his place and even offer to swap or trade lives as well. The machine needs to be constantly watched and the hands on the clocked needs to be moved also and it seems to involve strenous work because we see the character struggling with it and talking about if ten hours would ever end. Also in the movie there is a scientist by the name of Rotwang and he invents a machine or android that resembles a person. Also they talk about The Tower of Babel and a person who resembles a powerful god like being instructed and hired many workers for the construction of it and they seem to want to do it because they were persuaded well by that figure into doing it.

This movie is a good example and work in terms of being science fiction because it has various elements and futuristic as well. In this movie it treats the characters differently like the rich are living well and workers looks as though they are dreading. In the movie I found it interesting when they said in the beggining that “The Mediater between the Brain and the Hand is the Heart”, and I found this to be an interesing quote because it describes that your heart can play a big role in the actions you do and this could be applied in real life as well.

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