Class notes for 5/9/17

No More Mandatory Readings

End of class project- a presentation done on something you find interesting. The restrictions being A) it must be sci fi in some sense, B) It has to be focused. For example if you like aliens, then do something like how are aliens portrayed in the 1950’s this has to be done in a 5 minute presentations

The two guide lines in order to have a successful at this project. A) are you interested in your topic? B) what can you learn and go in depth amount and make an initial claim.

draft your initial concept by Thursday and bring in 3 copies and your own device(ipad, labtop, etc). and be sure to read the project outline and to do research on your topic.

if you have any questions about the project, email the professor.

class conversation on the themes of Westworld.

“why the wild west?”, “feels similar o video games”, “glitches/bugs, even flies representing that”, “memory tampering”, “recycling/appropriating”, “the more nuance they add to the hosts the more they could rebel”, “what is humanity?”

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