Class Notes for 4/6/17

-Feel free to add on anything that I might be missing.

-In this class, it took place in the library in the CityTech’s archives, which was in room 543.

-Archive: a place where historical documents, books or papers are kept so that they can get passed down for future generations.

-We learned various information about the college itself like the Atrium building being opened 30 years ago. Also in 1946 City Tech was originally an applied school for arts and sciences and it was also created for people who fought after World War II. Also in 1970 it was a community college before.

-In the City Tech’s archives there are around 4,000 or more¬†works of science fiction¬†inside of it. It was acquired from¬†California from a science fiction enthusiast who offered them. Two professors named Allen Lovegreen and Jason Ellis made it possible for the college to be able to acquire all those books.

-The story was that it was supposed to be delivered around a certain date but it ended up coming earlier than expected which was tough for the people to organize. Books would be scattered in various places in offices and it took the people several weeks to arrange them and put them on shelves.

-This website¬†has information on the City Tech’s archives and also¬†on youtube if you type in “The City Tech¬†Science Fiction Collection”, you would see a video in which they describe it.

-An example of two authors that was mentioned in that session by the kind man who gave us information about the archives would be Charles Belmont and George Clayton Johnson and they were science fiction authors who had great works. Like for example George Clayton Johnson helped write the first episode of star trek. Also when you want to view or explore the archives you must schedule an appointment and you are allowed to work with the books but you can not rent them and must stay in archives area when using them as well.

-In class also the students got to see some books and we touched them and smelled them as well and they felt old-fashioned because they were older works. Each group was given books or magazines to work with. The magazines are different than what we are usually used to because they are smaller and actually look like actual books. We also got handouts with various questions like for example about “Pulps” and questions based on the magazines we received and we had to use tablets to research it. We also got to explore the archives in groups and it was interesting because of the amount to science fiction books and works one can find in there.

-Visceral: Embodied reaction to something.

-Also essay#2 is due at the time when we come back from break. This essay is actually a more personal essay in which we would describe what we have experienced in the class and about how our knowledge has changed in terms of science fiction. (Can check this website for essay#2 for more information.) Read Parable of the Sower as well because when we get back from break we are going to discuss this text.

-Also reflection blog due as well.

-Hope everyone enjoys their spring break!



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