Class Notes for 3/2/17

Review of Last Week:

  • Discussion Soma (uses/purposes)
    • Gateway Drug
    • Cure-all
    • Put into many things
    • Many forms(pill, gass, ice cream, etc…)
  • Solidarity
    • Togetherness/Orgy/Mandatory
  • Family
    • How “Family”, “Parent”, and “Birth” is treated as porn.
    • Destabilize
    • Promiscuity(sexually open)
  • Individuality/Freedom
    • Conditioning to predestined fate
    • Not comprehensible to “civilization”



  • Enclave: Enclosed Space
  • Utopian Enclave: An utopia in enclosed pocket/space that is cut off from the world.
  • Intentional Community: movement where people come together to create a community separate from society.
  • Eponymous: Name; named after something.
  • Referent: Refers to something.
  • Acculturation: Adopting the cultural traits or social patterns of another group (acculturation)


  • How can a community be unintentional?
    • Ex: Students signing up for a class coming together and being forced to interact with each other.

Utopia is conceived as isolated.  In the original story, the utopia had a large moat surrounding it and cutting it off from the outside world.

  • Reservation name
    • New Mexico Reservation (the reservation Bernard and Linda went to(mentioned by Lina in page 63))
    • Malpais (page 102) (translated as “Bad Place” or “Bad Lands”)


  • Savages
    • Natives to the reservation
    • Uncivilized
    • Barbaric/Rude
    • Seen as bad
  • Civilized
    • Well-Educated
    • Polite
    • Seen as good

Description of the “Indians” of the reservation

  • Speak in extinct (not used) languages
  • ‘Monstrous’ Superstitions

Lenina, as she enters the reservation, tries to makes sense of it by comparing it to what she knows, such as comparing the top of the mesa to the Charing-T Tower(page 104).


  • Linda fell into the reservation after getting lost and injured.
  • Linda is similar to Lenina.
    • Lenina is Linda if she had gotten stuck in the reservation.
  • Linda is partially deconditioned after being in the reservation for a long time.
  • Despite following the “drill”, she still became pregnant and gave birth to John.
    • The “drill” is the anti-pregnancy pills.
  • Is stout (big/fat/hefty) when first seen in chapter 7, page 112.
  • Through Lenina’s eyes, Linda is seen as disgusting from appearance to her age.
  • Felt thrilled when she saw Lenina and Bernard like she is rescued.
  • Is treated as an outsider by the “Indians” of the reservation, due to her different appearance, ideas, and values, which is seen as ‘wrong’ to them while seem ‘normal’ to people from the World State.
  • Nature vs. Nurture: Linda is born and preconditioned to do things such as sleeping with several men and consider it normal.  The “Indians” considers this wrong, and thus treats her badly.  Linda is forced to adapt as she lives with them.


  • Both parents are from World State, but is born, not decanted, in the reservation.
  • Has light skin with blonde hair while everyone else in the reservation has dark hair and skin
  • Only one, besides his mother, who can read.
  • Idealistic, inspired by Shakespeare
  • Considered an outsider in the reservation (others would keep him out of things such as the coming of age ritual for those who turned 16 (page 127) and by the World State (citizens of the World Stat sees him as a “savage” since he’s born from the reservation).
  • Punished for his mother’s actions.

Linda tries to teach John about the New World, but is limited due to her own limited view in the New World, so she can’t teach him everything.  She later gave John a book called  Shakespeare to practice his reading skilled.  When John first reads Shakespeare, he feels inspired.  He felt like he had words to put his feelings of hatred of the Pope.

“O’ Brave New World”

  • The quote originated from “The Tempest”.
  • When first used, John was excited and hopeful of going to the World State. (which John had thought of as an Utopia)
  • When used the second time, John was shocked, angry, and disgusted of the World State (after his mom died and saw the delta clones)
  • When used the third time, John hopes to change the World State from a horrible place to something better.

World State / Malpais

  • They are 2 cultures
  • If one from one culture is placed in the other, they’ll experience culture shock.
  • Acculturation


No homework is due for tuesday.

March 16th is Mid-terms.  An essay given next week will be due by this time.  The essay will be 4 to 5 pages.

Mandatory Meet-ups needs to be scheduled with the Professor.

Extra Credit

  • Attend the Literacy Roundtable and type a 500 blog in response.
  • Watch either the 1998 version or the 1980 version of the movie of “Brave New World” and type a 500 word blog comparing it to the novel and analysing both of them.

Event: the deadline for Literary Arts Festival Competition is March 7th.



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  1. Thanks for these helpful notes Aneita!

    Just a quick correction: while we are not moving forward with any new text for Tuesday’s class, there is actually important HW. Students should review the Essay 1 Assignment and start brainstorming/working on their drafts. See the Schedule & the Assignments pages for more details. We’re going forward with new texts (“There Will Come Soft Rains”) for Thursday’s class, and as always, a blog due the night before.

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