class notes for 2/21/17

 class notes taker for upcoming week

  • Thurs- Alyssa ,
  • 2/28 – Jay
  • 3/2 – Aneita
  • 3/7 – Carmen
  • 3/9 – Jesse
  • 3/14 – Hunter

recap on the Machine stop and Metropolis

  • utopia / dysotopia
  • religious imagery
  • doubling / cloning

Important points that was mentioned 

  • Science fiction tends to have an ideology
  • (Aesthetic) was shown in both stories


  • Explicit – something that’s directly stated
  • Implicit – something that’s not directly stated
  • Claim – making an argument
  • Foreshadow – hint given that help you predict whats going to happen
  • Efficient –  achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort

Characters from Brave New World

  • Bernard – (Alpha) feels like an outsider from his group
  • Helmholtz – (Alpha) smart gets all the ladies
  • Musthapha Mond = – one of the 10 world leaders

One thought on “class notes for 2/21/17

  1. Kelz, thanks for posting this. However, these brief notes don’t capture the many important things we covered in class, relating to three texts and science fiction more broadly. Can you please revise, and have others help you fill in the gaps if you need?

    Also, a friendly reminder that class notes should be posted no later than the night of the class you took them.

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