Class Notes (Class Discussion 2-28-17)


Vignettes (noun): a short impressionistic scene that focuses on one moment or character and gives a trenchant impression about that character, an idea, setting, and/or object. Used in Sentence: At the wedding reception, the best man shared a vignette about how the newlywed couple met.

Solidarity (noun): unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group. Used in Sentence: While the prisoners were of different races, they all joined in solidarity to protest their dirty living conditions.

Panacea (noun): a remedy for all disease or ills; cure-all. Used in Sentence: If you believe money is the panacea for all difficulties, you will be shocked to learn you cannot purchase happiness with cash.

Class Discussion Topics

  1. Family
  2. Soma (add)
  3. Chapter 3 Narration
  4. Freedom
  5. Civilized / Uncivilized


Discussion on page 32: We discussed parents as it was first introduced in Chapter 2 and how the director and his students seem to be brainwashed by the World State to believe it’s taboo to believe in the idea of Mother and Father or even a woman giving natural birth. It was also brought up by another student in our discussion that Mothers seem to be more demonized and then idea a Father because Mother is actually the one giving birth to the child verse the Father who only there for the conceptual act.

Discussion on page 42: We analyzed Mustapha Mond conversation with the students and Mond ask the student to imagine living with one family which we difficult for them. We broke down the fact that the idea of home and family was completely abolished in these young students and even the whole World State.

Discussion on page 43: Mond describes the dark scene about a mother taking care of her newborn while breast feeding. The class analyzed this paragraph to pull out words that help us describe that moment Mond explain to the students, which include word like suffocating intimacies, insane and dangerous.

Discussion on page 140: We discussed the scene where Linda lets the Director know she gave birth to his son and all the director colleges were there to witness his most embarrassing moment in life. We have seen another moment where the idea of a woman giving birth to child and man being a father is demonized by anyone part World State Society.


Discussion on page 80: Solidarity, Community, Hedonism was bought up in the discussion of Soma. Also, the Solidarity Service which allow the World State citizen take part in orgies and soma in the name of Fordism. We also notice that Soma doesn’t have much effect on Bernard like everyone else.

Chapter 3 Narration

Discussion on chapter 3: We analyzed how the author Aldous Huxley design the conversation between characters which included three different scenes taking place at the same time. The class as a whole believe chapter was very confusing and tried to understand why displayed it in that fashion. 

Home Work

Class Discussion #3: Brave New World (one initial comment on chapters 10-18 by W 3/1 (Which should be about John) + two additional comments by F 3/3)

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