Class Notes 5/16/2017

First half of class we did peer review.

Presentation is 15%
Cover letter(Process/reflection) and Abstract(summary) is 5%

Proposals = Abstract
1) research question : not just a description , generative, topic in conversation with methods.

Research -> synthesis /claims (evidence)
(Background Info)


For presentation be sure to check the rubric Professor Belli handed in class last week.
Be sure to double read  the requirements for this project thoroughly.


Home work for Thursday 5/18

  1. Project Progress blogs by 2 pm
  2. Lightning presentations (1-2 minutes)
    1. elevator pitch
    2. “My project explores…
    3. “My primary research question is…

Read schedule ahead of time ! Final course reflection due end of semester . A week from today.

Professor Belli is offering extended office hours,be sure to email her ahead of time. Remember projects are due  Tuesday 5/23/2017


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