Class Notes 5-18-17

Important information:

The presentation will be 5-6 minutes long, information about final research project can be found here. Remember you’re suppose to provide a argumentative research presentation. Contact Professor Belli by email if you need help with the research project.

Tuesday presentation

  1. Carmen
  2. Alyssa
  3. Pedro
  4. Jessie
  5. Aneita
  6. Ryan
  7. Kelz

Thursday presentation

  1. Jaraad
  2. Jay
  3. Jorge
  4. Hunter
  5. Jennifer

Presentation tips

It is important to pace yourself when presenting because it is a 5-6 minutes long presentation, you don’t want to finish too early or too late. Organize your thoughts, not only will it help improve the presentation but also help the audience understand your point. Finally, know what you’re presenting because question will be asked.

Class notes

Lightning presentations

  • Pedro on cyber-genetic and how humans can enhance themselves with prosthesis.
  • Alyssa on steampunk and architecture, exploring the complexity of machine with use of simple parts such as gears.
  • Aneita on space, humanity exploring the unknown in space and the infinite possibility of space.
  • Carmen on female character in science fiction and female playing a lead role in science fiction literature such as being a protagonist.
  • Jessie on Hive-mind, a higher power controlling society to be efficient in accomplishing the higher power end goals.
  • Kelz on robot, their application and uses to help benefit humanity and the impact the robot has in the future.
  • Jaraad on artificial intelligence in video game and their ability to learn to challenge the player.
  • Jay on artificial intelligence and the effect it has on humanity, the negative and the benefits it brings.
  • Ryan on planet colonization, the exploration of different planet and living on other planet using their resources.

These are just a one sentence summary of each person lightning presentation in class and I understand that it is not what most of what is presented this is just a snip of what was presented.

One thought on “Class Notes 5-18-17

  1. Thanks Jorge for these notes. Some quick revisions to the presentation schedule:

    1. I believe Jaraad volunteered for Tuesday
    2. Jared, missing from the schedule, is going Thursday
    3. Aneita and Pedro have switched to Thursday
    3. Jennifer is not presenting

    *Also, a reminder that those who volunteered to present on Tuesday will receive extra credit (five points on all aspects of the project). Others, who chose to go on Thursday, can take the extra time, and submit their work (via Dropbox/OpenLab, and present) by Th 5/25 at 4pm.

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