Class Notes 3/9/17

-We did a slight recap on eugenics & genetic modification. We also touched on hynopaedia and how it’s used in modern times (commercials as well as music).

-We’re beginning to learn more about comparative analysis

-We did a freewrite on how the painting “American Progress” compares/contrasts to progress in “There Will Come Soft Rains.”

-For “American Progress,” we said that progress comes at the expense of others. For “There Will Come Soft Rain,” we said that progress came to a halt. We also said that it was automated and it led to that apocalypse.

-There was group work discussing the short story. We talked about the setting, characters (and the lack of), the use of personification, the conflict of the story, and the theme.

-The influence of people is seen throughout the story, even if there actually are no people anymore.

Next Class the Pre-Draft for Essay #1 i


One thought on “Class Notes 3/9/17

  1. Thanks Jesse for these notes, though it would be really helpful if you could add specifics of our work in class (especially in relation to to the short story): excerpts, textual evidence, analysis. Could you please revise to make them more comprehensive? Thanks!

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