A 0 that became a 1.

There was some great author that wrote about laws that we should be binding to machines so they don’t kill us. I forgot the name of this author but he made three rules about robotics and it was really smart. Of course being humans, we make mistakes or poor choices. So what happens when a 0 becomes a 1? Technically it depends on the position of the 1 and what methods or variables call upon it and has the potential to change the whole program if you’re not careful. Metaphorically it means that something that was once impossible is now possible.

Westworld introduces its audience to an amusement park featuring androids designed to play as characters in an attraction. The initial conflict was an update, I’m assuming a Windows 10 update, to a number of androids. The update caused a number of issues with the androids and these androids needed to be recalled and analysed for further malfunctions. The main issue was that the staff were concerned that the androids would disregard a core program to not harm living creatures.

These androids have such human reactions. It makes me wonder if they will act like humans as a result. Humans are prone to acting against logic for a myriad of reasons. So what would these androids, which are nothing but logic do when a restriction is removed from them? This is a theme park where machines are hanging on to guns. Unrestricted robots with guns is something that I can’t imagine ending well.