Proposal Draft

Science fiction theories over the years are finally beginning to come to life. We’ve all watched fiction movies with robots playing human roles, but what if I tell you that robots might soon be playing a role in your life. According to a new report from the Consultancy Firm PwC by the year 2030, automated bots can replace up to 40% of the U.S jobs, 30% of the United Kingdom, 35% Germany and 21% in Japan. That’s over 2billion jobs half of the World total jobs, at the beginning of the course we read a novel called “The Machine Stops” and the way that story ended was  heartbreaking.

Times are hard even with the amount of jobs we have now people are still struggling, some having to work two and three jobs just to maintain. With technology reaching to higher heights the pressure is rapidly increases only awaiting to erupt, if people have no jobs and no jobs equals no money what is this world going to come to. Technology is for the better when it benefits everybody not just one group of people, the rich get richer while the poor get poorer a saying that some’s up the society we’re living in. We see from the “Machine Stops” Vashti looking up to the Machine as her God and when the machine finally came to a stop it’s like her life came to an end. Vashti even neglected going to see her son because she didn’t want to her “Machine run” community to go into the real world where her son lived.

The article from the “Consultancy Firm PwC”, stated that “Average pre-tax incomes should rise due to the productivity gains, but these benefits may not be evenly spread across income groups, researchers concluded”. This goes back to my point from the previous passage about the rich getting richer…… Only the rich folks that can afford to purchase these new machinery will benefit from these new technological equipment’s. What about the people that need that two and three jobs to survive, who will provide for their needs. This is just the beginning there will be more and more new ideas which will bring new inventions that we have no say in regards to the creation. My point doesn’t attack technology it’s the use of the technology that’s my main focus, for instance if they created so much destructive weaponries maybe we would be leaving in a more peaceful world.

Humans in a virtual world

Set at an unspecified time later on, Westworld is a futuristic amusement park that is something of a playground for the wealthy. This is no common Old West reenactment, however. What makes Westworld uncommon is its population not on-screen characters, but rather android “host” who are meticulously modified to give “more than 100 interconnected accounts” to the visitors who visit.

This is a world where visitors. they can go where they need and pick their own particular story line. It’s what the computer game industry would call an open-world diversion, much like the Grand Theft Auto arrangement (the event that you need to stay with the Western topic). What frequently makes amusements like these disputable is a similar thing that makes them so engaging: Not just would you be able to go wherever you need, you can do whatever you want. In the less familiar and friendly zones of Westworld, that implies not simply going brothels or killing bad folks in shoot-outs, however beating, tormenting, and assaulting any, Each visitor in Westworld is basically in “God mode” they can never be hurt, and as far as possible to their conduct are the limits of their dreams. In such a domain, the hosts fill a critical need: Along with a rich narrative, they give moral cover to everybody’s darkest driving forces. You can would anything you like to them with exemption, since they aren’t real.

The primary individual we meet in Westworld isn’t a person  but instead a host named Dolores Abernathy. Dolores is the model great young lady whom visitors can spare from outlaws or assault, depending their inclination. Apparently, it doesn’t make a difference. Regardless of what happens to Dolores through the span of an “narrative circle,” her memory gets reset, so she can return similarly as new  and naive for the next group of visitors.

Western Puppet Game becoming Self Aware

Westworld starts out what seems like an old western show before revealing that everything is constructed.  I find it an interesting way to mix the wild west genre with sci-fi. The first episode holds a lot of symbolism,  such as the fly.

When I saw the woman in the blue dress, Dolores, sitting in the chair nude with a fly crawling on her face, I saw that something was wrong.  Seeing the dissonance when she was getting up from bed smiling and when the fly was crawling over her eye, I could tell that Dolores was not alive.  This was even proven when after the first few minutes when the villain shot Teddy, a man who was made sheriff, and dragged Dolores away, Dolores wakes up in bed reenacting her actions ‘yesterday’ with no memory of what happened before.  Afterwords, it’s shown that the world and the people living in it are fake and constructed by a company to entertain people who wants to play around in a fantasy western world.  The fake people are puppets specifically made for acting out their roles in a story the company constructs.

I find the company similar to a video game company.  In a video game company, there are people in charge of creating the game world for players to explore, creating non-player characters for players to interact with and give life to the world, and people who repairs any bugs or issues the game may have.  In Westworld, this is what the people working there are doing, from constructing the puppets for use or to store away, to creating the world for the puppets and players, to making sure the world runs as it should and issuing updates.  Their actions as puppets starts to behave strangely makes sense in a same way a game developer world act to a glitch in the game.  I notice that though the puppets acts on their programming, some are becoming more ‘alive’ than others.

The puppets acts on a basis of routine where they do the exact same thing every day with no memory of what happened before.  Several times, the fly can be seen flying onto the puppets with little to no reaction, showing how lifeless they are.  From the beginning of the episode, however, the villain already realizes that his world is a game as well as certain aspects such as being invulnerable since he’s an important villain that can’t be killed except by the players how come into Westworld for fun.  As the show goes on, several inconsistencies happen that, depending on the puppet and it’s programming, either react but then forget when the next ‘day’ comes, break down like a computer reacting to a confusing task, to going off rails on what they should do turning out different results.  On example of this was how in one time, Teddy was made sheriff,  however when he starts to act differently and ignore the man who made him sheriff, a weather puppet were made sheriff and went along with the ride along with his wife, effecting even the end of the show. While this raises concern for the company running Westworld, as they don’t want their players to be in danger, this shows that the puppets the company created are gaining more awareness of the world around them and themselves.

Ignorance Is Bliss

So the first episode really confused the hell outta me when it first started. They were interrogating Dolores without much context. It only got weirder when I noticed she was naked. However, it wasn’t made a big deal, as if it was normal. Dolores wakes up in her room and goes upon her day in the wild west. A huge difference from the tiny glimpse we saw. At the town she meets a man named Teddy. He is referred to as a newcomer. They seem to know each other and proceed to spend time with each other. So far nothing it out of the ordinary until they get to Dolores’ house. They hear gunshots so Teddy goes to investigate. Dolores’ father is on the ground at gunpoint. He is then put down by the bandits. What really sickened was when they talked about the wife. One is disappointed about “not getting to have fun with her” to which the other states that’s she probably still warm so it won’t make much of a difference. The sudden necrophilia is out of nowhere, but I guess isn’t uncommon in that “time period.”

When the head honcho appears, he seems to be invincible, not taking any damage from Teddy’s gun. He also states that he’s been visiting Dolores for about 30 years, but she doesn’t remember. He then kills Teddy and drags Dolores away. It is then heavily implied that he rapes her and has been doing so for a very long time. The man’s god mode aside, I find it strange that Dolores can’t seem to remember any of it, until the truth is revealed. Dolores, as well as the settlers of the land, labelled hosts are creations of a company that has made over 100 different “scenarios” for people, labelled guests, to indulge their desires in, no matter how dark. Rape, kill, rob, all of it is allowed. They follow specific routines with minor improvisation. If they are “killed,” they merely reset for the next cycle. They also lose any and all memories of the previous cycles. Business as usual. They are also unable to harm any of the actual people, explaining the “god mode.” The real situation kind of excuses all the cruel actions done so far.

The system isn’t perfect however. They update the hosts with better body language and dialogue. There lies the problem though, the most recent update is causing problems in some of the hosts. It starts off small with the sheriff blanking out and fidgeting. Then it really escalates when one of the hosts kills off an entire saloon, save the guest couple cowering in fear. This causes trouble in the real world. There has not been a problem in the system for 30 years, to which someone says that it is long overdue for one anyways. Over 100 hosts are infected with the bug and are pulled out to be fixed.

Another thing I wanna bring up is the cold storage. All the hosts are kept there when not being used. They just stand there, in the nude mind you, lined up and deactivated. It’s just weird how normal it is for these people to see human-like figures just….there.

Small Steps Corrupt

The local of west world seems to be that of, a live action massive multiplayer online video game, where in all the scenarios and sets are constructed in order to provide narrative entertainment. The main difference is that, while most video games are ridged in their designs because of the limitations posed on the confines of the computer and memory code, where in order for a character to break their role, they must ether be killed or glitched. I Westworld, part of the point is to ruin the world, as it resets everyday. This while it seems to indulge in humanity’s more “primal” influences it is more a kin to “People come here to seek freedom and stake their dream”(4:16). Which seems to be an alright concept on the surface until the mistake we leave behind causing ripples unforeseen to everyone, even us the viewer, as to quote the late Steve Jobs “Only looking back can we connect the dots”. As one can never guess the stray fly or fallen photograph that will send events into motion that normally wouldn’t be able to happen. like one of the hosts glitching out  or spinning out of their loops. On the part of the caretakers whom try to make the best experience possible for the guest, try to make everything as real as possible, with the case a revories “Basic gestures where always normal, but these are tied to specific memories”(16:45). This would be a great way to make the hosts feel more human, but with that the more likely they are to rebel as memories by design are made to influence our actions to avoid danger and gain knowledge. Which is why the memories are typically destroyed after a loop, which with code is not the same as our memories as code does not destroy memories, only overwrites them. But in order to construct a narrative world, each host must have their own little inflections such as accent or the way they hold themselves and maybe their “artificial” memories as “Tiny things make them seem real”(17:15). One maybe note that I drawled upon was the choice to use “From the new world” by Dvorak, in order illustrate the tension. This may hold deep meaning as Dvorak said that after his trip to america and visiting native tribes, he was influenced by their musical instruments, and we he came back to Europe, used his vision of the great american plains while trying to recreate the native american’s instruments. I mention this because, Westworld has this take on the american “wild west” as this fantasy to hearken back to and tries to recreate that, but is ultimately changed due to the fact that out side influences have seeped in an corrupted it, how ever small and seeming benign they all are individually, together they form an amalgamation of mutation and everything involved is changed via retrospect. Like the fact that this seemingly wild west town is basically a medieval fantasy tale, just with guns and silly hats instead of armor and swords, giving more to that human “uncanny valley” effect.

Has progress come to an end?

Nothing in life is a coincidental. The episode opens up with a naked women named Doleres being questioned. She is talking about the small town she lives in and how happy she is that the “new comers” come in to town. Westworld is an HBO show about a Western Theme park run by engineers, scientist and story tellers.The main attraction are androids. They are called host and carry out a storyline. The park and the host were made to fulfill the pleasures of the rich people who pay to go there.The newcomers can hurt them and do whatever they want with the host.

Through Dolores we see that everyday is almost the same. The days play out the same with small modifications to storylines based on actions by the new comers. Tours the end of the day, the engineers come up and take the androids to the lab fix them up. Ask them question and wipe their memories alway.

The lab is located underground. There are many levels and floors to this lab. The top engineer Bernard is alert it that something is going on floor B83. He accompanies the men to see whats going on. This floor is used to store androids with malfunctions. We soon see Robert Ford, the founder and creative director of Westworld, having a conversation with an android. Bernard and Robert discuss how the androids have come a long way when looking at the old android. Especially now more then ever that they have added a new update to the host. This new update gives the host human like gestures which makes it hard to tell that they are androids.

Around 28:00 we see the host begin to malfunction after the new update. The host that plays the sheriff role begins to twitch funny. Also, around 40:00 an android that was killed the previous day is showing signs of malfunction. It kills everyone at the bar and startles the newcomers. This Prompts the engineers and story tellers to modify the storylin. The new stortline is more gruesome.

Dolores father finds a picture that is out of place with their storyline. He ask Dolores about it and she says its nothing. But he stays fixated on the picture and begins to malfunction as well. The new gestures are tied to certain memories. He begins to remember other roles he play and what happens to him and the Dolores at the end of every day. He gets killed by bandits and Dolores gets raped. Robert interrogates the android and he says to him “He is in a prison of his own sins”. This is what gives everyone the realization that the update with the gestures are prompting old memories from previous roles.

Dolores is question as well because of the malfunctions. She is asked if she’s telling the truth? which she answers yes. Also, if she would ever hurt a living thing? she says of course not. These are the routine questions asked to all the androids. Through this interaction we find out Dolores is the oldest android in the park. She is fixed every day and is good as new. The episode ends with Dolores watching from a distance in her front porch. A fly lands on her neck. After a brief moment she kills it. This indicates Dolores lied about two things. Telling the truth and not hurting a living thing.

The End of Human Evolution and Our Replacements

Westworld is an HBO Series the premier 2016 that surrounds the evolution of human robotics and place in the Wild Wild West story arc environment for entertainment for the wealthy and powerful. In the first episode, I gather that these robot designs have gone through 30 years of evolution that they should be called androids. While watching the first episode, there a few key points that caught my attention which was the first sign of free will and artificial intelligence, the wealthy now has an outlet to deal with their inner demon with no repercussion and man has finally reached a point in their evolution.

During the first ten minutes of the episode, Bernard was interviewing Dolores after one of the story arcs in the park, and the last comment made feel that human servant then robot “Last question, Dolores. What if I told you that you were wrong? That there are no chance encounters? That you and everyone you know were built to gratify the desires of the people who pay to visit your world? Daddy! Daddy! (Sobbing) Daddy! No! Man: The people you call “the newcomers” (10:15, Westworld). Newcomers are individuals who visit the park or to androids, new to the town. Androids are just there to satisfy the newcomers every need which can include sex or killing of the Android. During the

These robots have evolved significantly over the past thirty years that I consider them more like Androids, but they still follow a very sophisticated routine script for the newcomers. But this episode showing signs of their next and possibly final step in their evolution that is being ignored by Bernard and rest of the team as program error. “It’s good news, really. Confirms the problem was part of the update. We can roll them back, clean them up, put them back in service. You think I’m gonna sign off on this fucking homicidal thing going back into service? It’s homicidal by design. Walter kills other hosts all the time. I’ll admit the method here is a little unconventional, but it didn’t hurt a guest. The hosts are supposed to stay within their loops, stick to their scripts with minor improvisations. This isn’t a minor improvisation” (39:50). This scene leads me to believe that this program update started the ball for the androids to have free will, which can result in rebellion in the far future against their maker or even breaking the rule of not hurting the guest.

The last thing that caught my attention was the conversation between Bernard and Dr. Ford about evolution. “Evolution forged the entirety of sentient life on this planet using only one tool The mistake. I flattered myself we were taking a more disciplined approach here. I suppose self-delusion is a gift of natural selection as well. Indeed it is. But, of course, we’ve managed to slip evolution’s leash now, haven’t we? We can cure any disease, keep even the weakest of us alive, and, you know, one fine day perhaps we shall even resurrect the dead. Call forth Lazarus from his cave. Do you know what that means? It means that we’re done. That this is as good as we’re going to get” (41:50). I thought this conversation was fascinating that Dr. Ford believes humans have reached the end of the road of evolution for us as human beings and we have possibly created our replacement. Unfortunately, the way the first episode went I believe that It’s probably true cause Dr. Ford has created artificial intelligence and I think he did on purpose. The question is, did he create our replacements?

more than meets the eye

Based on the opening scenes of the episode, I could easily tell machines, technology and robots would play a major role in the series. at 1:58 we see Deloris for the first time, followed by someone saying ” Bring her back online”. so, at this point I’m just like yea, she looks real but she’s definitely a robot, kind of expected that. then that scene with her ends with a fly landing on her eye causing no reaction. ill speak of the significance of this later on.

after that scene, I was kind of thrown off, I want expecting a western vibe, but now that I think of it it’s called west world so it makes sense. the old fashion clothing, town setting, and steam train transportation intrigued me. I was very curious to see how a tech savvy society and a western society could possible mix together. The idea of mixing the past with the future was unexpected, but in a good way.

I started to analyze what was going on and started putting two and two together, I thought to myself how can someone be seen in a futuristic setting as a robot and then in a western seen as a human all within a matter of seconds? First I thought flash back maybe, but how could she still be alive? then I came to the conclusion of reanimation of the human mind, I thought somehow, they dug up on skeletons and used DNA fragment to create androids. I was wayyyyy off.

the second big shocker for me was at 9:30 when the dad, Peter, and the wife were shot and killed some maniac obsessed with milk, ill speak on the significance of this later as long story short milk maniac gets killed by random guy in all-black who says to Deloris something about not remembering him even though the known each other for over 30 years. then says at 13:33 he didn’t pay all this money to get it easy. I paused mentally and said yea this definitely has to be some type of virtual reality. a world designed to live out any crazy dream.

at 16:36 this scene shows one of the robot things doing a small unprogramed gesture, touching her lips. the reasoning behind this was that Ford must have change the program, causing moments to be accessed form memories, it was brushed away as nothing much. Me knowing science fiction all too wells knew it wasn’t nothing, I wondered if her actions were actually a glimpse of self-awareness, he subconscious coming alive leading her to gain control of her own actions. moving away from the tile of robot to “human”

at 21:08 Ford is talking to a guy, I knew right away he was a robot due to the little detail of his eye moments. The fact that he was holding a casual conversation with this guy in a room filled with naked bodies was weird enough for me, but the fact that he would actually converses with the robots kind of made me question he sanity and how he views the robots. are they simply empty shells or something more to him?

Fast forward to where peter the father finds the image of a woman in times square. this caused me to question a lot of things, how could a physical object such as a picture enter the virtual world? or was in programmed in by someone? I wondered if this was foreshadowing, showing the viewers that the real world and virtual world were about to collide.

fast forward again to the scene of the milk maniac killing pretty much everyone in sight and pouring milk on them. he was supposedly glitching out and going against the story line created for him. I wondered if he was gaining the ability to break away from what he was programmed to do, and was starting to able to make choices of his own.

symbolism seems to be big in this episode and it is thrown in in very subtle hints. the scene at 43:10 following the milk maniacs massacre shows how the “robots” are made. they are dipped in a white milky substance. this might be a stretch but I feel that the need for the milk guy to kill those like himself ” the people in the virtual reality world” is connected to the fact that they are artificial. I haven’t seen one single cow in this show but yet he has a never-ending supply of milk, what if when he kills the people he pours the milk on them to symbolize their creation process, like mixing death with creation?

another form of symbolization I picked up on is this fly. in the opening scene, we see the fly land on Deloris, causing little to no effect. then at 27:00 we see the fly land on the sheriff and in that moment, he begins to glitch out! I questioned if the fly was meaningful. a fly is a bug, and in computer programing bugs cause viruses and glitches. what if someone has programmed this ” fly” to break down the system. well if that the case why wasn’t Deloris affected when the fly landed on her? Well I believe Deloris is much more aware of her situation that we are lead to believe.

at the end of the episode Deloris is questioned. she is asked two simple questions. have you ever lied to us? and would you kill a living thing? she answered no to both. The guy questioning her began to chat about her history and the fact that she can’t be broken because she has been fixed so many times and that she was the oldest host. The very last scene is where it all came to me. the fly is seen buzzing around Delores’s face and lands on her neck. I watched closely to see if she would glitch, she doesn’t, instead she KILLED the fly. Deloris killed a living thing. This means Deloris is very well capable of killing a living thing and does possess the ability to lie.

Deloris if much more aware that the is leading on.


What is Westworld

Westworld in the context of the show is a theme park with a western setting. The theme park unlike any other, everyday the park resets and repeat the day again. The theme park consist of automatons that are controlled and programmed to do specific actions. Guest are mostly in control of the automatons and can due what ever they want. Guest seek out automatons for adventures, similar to a regular theme park where guest seek out rides.

The main attraction of the theme park is the automatons. The automatons in the theme park are constructed in a lab which can be seen on 15:28 – 15:58. The process of how the horse is constructed from the inner part of it to the outside of the skin then to a fully functioning automaton. It shows that they are capable of creating life like beings. Furthermore the andriods in the park does not have consciousness. When Dolores was asked a question about reality, she answered “no” (2:20 – 2:40). The automatons are unable to think for themselves and act only to what they are programmed for. The one rule when creating automatons that is seen in all sci-fi films is that they  cannot kill (13:22 – 13:26). The andriod shoots at the guest multiple time and recieves no damage, android are limited when it comes with interactions with humans and their programming puts that limit on them.

The guest in the theme park is just like any customer, they get to do what they want as long as they pay the fee. The guest interact with the automatons in the park and is similar to going on a ride in a regular theme park. In 24:26 the new arriving guests interact with an automaton and agreed to go hunt the bandit. In 26:28 we can see the guest are hunting for the bandit, but the women also came along like it was no big deal. The automatons interaction are just like the rides in a normal theme park with the guest going along with the rides. Furthermore the guest has more control and freedom in the theme park. At 53:20 the guest is able to kill the automatons without any consequences and just laugh out loud. The guest are able to get their way and do what ever they want in the theme park. The guest have the ability to change storyline and change how the day progresses. The day starts out the same but as the guest interact with the automaton throughout the day the story changes and the automatons goes with the guests interactions.

The first episode of Westworld was just interactions of the guests and the automatons. It was difficult at first to distinguish the androids in the theme park from the actual human beings. The plot just help with the introduction of the character and also how the people controlling the park deal with the defective automatons. The beginning of each day is the same, which can be confusing seeing the progressions of the story. Although it is confusing the actual story is enjoyable, to see how each and every character interact with changing scenario. The ending where the mysterious man is on a cliff trying to find answers by kill the automaton, now that is a cliff hanger.

Reading Response#11: Westworld episode one

In the a new science fiction series called Westworld that shows from HBO, it is about a world in which it applies robotics or androids and also different views of the world. So far a part of it takes place in a old timeframe in which it is the wild west and even though it takes place in a time like that there are different types of organisms other than normal human beings so far as observed when watching the first episode. But the actual place that in takes place in could be in some laboratory in the near future. The world is created by humans and the people living in that world are created by them as well.

It was interesting in the beginning when the female by the name of Deloris who was being interviewed by some man said how people views the world by seeing the ugly side of it but she rather views the beauty which can be found in the world instead. It helps to describe a part of her personality and character because of the viewpoints she has. It shows that the creations have their own thinking and that they use the experiences to try and shape who they are but they are still creations who are still not in full control of themselves.

Around ten minutes into the show it talks about something called chance encounters and the person who was narrating about it being a wrong aspect was saying that it does not happen but rather the people of her world was suited for a purpose that coincides with something else. There are groups of certain people and one of them is named the newcomers in which they are different from the type of people that Deloris is in because they possess different traits.

People and even animals are created by other people in a place where they observe their movements and memories and makes modifications and observations on them as well. Like for example when they observed a woman who does a certain kind of figure gesture with her mouth and that woman was one of the ladies from the bar who sells her body. Memories from the subjects are looked at and also their actions as well when they were in the other world that was created.

In around twenty five minutes we observe how the narrative and part of the story from the beginning has changed in ways like for example the newcomer who takes Deloris away now meets her by picking up the can she drops and giving it to her and it shows that the situation is something new and what happened before was something else. Afterwards in that particular world when Deloris was painting and she sees the boy, the boy tells asks her if she is one of those, the people who are “not real”. This could mean that maybe the different world can be real or not because of observations like that. Also the father finds a buried photo of a woman and the setting around it looks more futuristic and he never seen anything like that, but Deloris knew and she had to act as though she never seen that before.

So far Westworld is interesting show because they use different types of storylines and creations of characters and how they apply that within their own world.