Class Discussion: Contemporary Connections to ‘1984’

2017 has been “doubleplusgood” for sales of George Orwell’s “1984.”
“George Orwell’s ‘1984’ Hits Bestseller List Again”

Sales of Nineteen Eighty-Four have been soaring recently. Why is there so much interest in this dystopian novel, published almost 70 years ago? What is its relevance now, to our lives in 2017? Why/how does this speak to the conditions that we find ourselves in, today?

We’ll use this space to discuss contemporary connections to Nineteen Eighty-Four. This is your opportunity to be creative, to be critical, and to put our own lives (and world) in dialogue with the ideas of the novel. Drop comments about connections you make, and provide links to sources that we can check out to learn more (e.g., news stories, images, movies, advertisement, songs, etc.).

Moon Tourism

Take a look at this recent article, “SpaceX Plans to Send 2 Tourists Around Moon in 2018,” from The New York Times. It’s interesting to consider this development, sending tourists to the moon, and space exploration more broadly, in relation to science fiction texts that imagine moon voyages (such as Voyage dans la Lune, from over 100 years ago!). Feel free to leave a comment here to start/continue a discussion about it.

(Also, you can use this category, “In the News,” at any point throughout the semester to share relevant material with the class.)


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