Carmen G. Garcia Introduction

Hey Guys! My name is Carmen Garcia, I am 23 years old and I’m Mexican American. I’m originally from Queens, NY. I am a transfer student and a senior at City Tech.  I transferred from Borough of Manhattan Community college with an Associate’s degree in Science. I am ecstatic to be graduating and acquiring my Bachelor’s degree in Entertainment Technology. I have always been interested in television and films since I was younger. I would spend hours in front of the TV immersing myself in it. At one point I told my mom I wanted to be on TV. Of course, that didn’t happen I was only 8, extremely shy, and fickle (before that I wanted to be a teacher, then a veterinarian). None the less, I became more interested in what goes on behind the scenes. What it takes to make a film or TV Show. I would try to make home movies with my siblings, they were really poor quality, but we would have fun doing them. It was always a little hobby of mine that I never paid any mind to, until I got to college and decided to pursue it as a professional career.

Down the road, I want to be working in a major television network as an executive producer/showrunner or as a video editor. I have not truly decided which one I want to focus on more. The one thing I do know is, I want to be a part of creating something that captivates people as I was once captivated at a young age. I currently work for a juicing company called Juice Press as a commissary distributing manager. This was a major changing point for me that happened this past Summer. Previously, I was working at another juicing company, Juice Generation, as a store manager before ultimately leaving for Juice Press. Juicing in NYC is a big thing which I wasn’t aware until I began working there. I was also going to concerts, one of them being the Electric ZOO festival. It was an amazing experience, I got to see Steve Aoki. I also moved in to my very first apartment on my own in Washington Heights (Upper Manhattan). It was not only one of my major accomplishments in 2016 but also for my life. Over Winter break, I didn’t do much at all. I worked, relaxed and saved up to go into the upcoming semester. This semester will be my last and probably one of my most difficult due to the number of courses I took on.

I enjoy reading books and having discussions about them with friends. The last book I read was of poetry, called Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. One of my weaknesses is my writing. I do not write as much as I use to or as much as I would like to. I only do so when necessary, mostly for any class work. I do not push myself when it comes to critical thinking and writing. The last time I took an English class was a few years back. Most of my classes have been hands on or technical. I am somewhat familiar with open lab. I mainly used it this past semester during my Sound for Multimedia class.

I have had some interest with science fiction, one of my favorite book series and film series is The Hunger Games. I also enjoyed the movie series for The Maze Runner, and I have recently taken interest in Star Wars, although, it took quite some convincing from my boyfriend to actually watch it for the first time. There is also a new series on Netflix called Stranger Things that I took an interest to.

Science fiction has the potential to have a large connection with my major and possibly with my career interest in the sense that I could end up working through creative aspects in creating a show or film. It can help me expand and broaden my knowledge of genres relating to film and television. I could possibly begin writing more science fiction stories than I would have originally thought to. I hope to learn more of the history of science fiction through early works of films, short stories and novels. What made them so great during their times? What kind of impact did they have on that generation vs. how we would portray that today. Also, to discuss some recent works and discuss how they differ and relate to the classics. How the genre has evolved and all the sub-genres that developed and branched off from it.

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