Brave New World Essay

The novel Brave New World shares some very interesting thoughts on how certain values are to be conceived within the fictional world they have created for themselves through the process of mass production of humans. ┬áBefore going forward with any further analysis of Brave New World, it is essential that we understand and know the definition of the word ” value” and how it pertains to the novel. ┬áDefinition (1) : the amount of money that something is worth: the price or cost of something. Definition (2) usefulness or importance.

The second definition regarding values is the one that’s most appropriate with reference to the novel. Within the text, there is a clashing of two different worlds by two different set of characters both of whom have diametrically opposing ideologies about what is, or not important to them. The first of the characters would be John. John is the son of Linda. John comes from a world where love,marriage and family is of great value to him. For John, this was all that he knew this was what he grew up knowing and grew accustomed to. For him this is normal and anything that is contrary to that belief seems to be absurd. The Director of the Hatcheries in his earlier life had visited the Savage reservations with Johns mother Linda. Tomakin as Linda calls him, is very proud of the status and prestige he holds as Director of the Hatcheries, and the accomplishments he was able to gain in creating the World State and its ideologies.

Within the World State it is taught that one should be promiscuous sleep around and have multiple partners. Liberty to be inefficient and miserable. Freedom to be round peg in a square hole. ” But, my dear chap, you’re welcome, I assure you. You’re welcome” Henry Foster patted the Assistant Predestinator on the shoulder. “Every one belongs to everyone else, after all.” (pg51/52). As a result of this statement, it is implying that a monogamous relationship is an incoherent rational. John is from the Savage Reservations where he involves himself in a ritual of being beaten with whips while being silent to prove that he is a man and also to sacrifice his body to the village. This was a way in which John felt he could show compassion and sympathy for the people living in the village and what they endured. This was another element of unorthodox thinking that John portrayed that seemed completely reprehensible in the World State. He believes in giving of himself for others in need sacrificing for the greater good of someone else through respect, love compassion sympathy. Coupled with all these elements, John was given a book called The Complete Works of Shakespeare. He loves the language that is presented in the book because it speaks about love marriage and living happily ever after. This of course is in stark difference to what the director believes in or is of any value to him. The doctrines that are implemented in the World State, are completely void of anything that pertains to family values. It is reprehensible to talk about a woman being pregnant to be called a mother or a father, to be in a monogamous relationship to talk about love and such like.

As a matter of consequence for the Director, he tries to humiliate Bernard by telling all the other employees that works within the World State about his sex life as a means of embarrassing him and telling of his involvement in monogamous relationships. This Tactic works in the directors demise. This man who stands before you here, this Alpha- Plus to whom so much has been given and from whom, in consequence, so much must be expected, this colleague of yours-or should i anticipate and say this ex- colleague?- has grossly betrayed the trust imposed in him. By his heretical views on sport and soma, by the scandalous unorthodoxy of his sexlife, by his refusal to obey the teachings of our Ford and behave out of office hours.(pg138) The Director thinks he has the upper hand on Bernard not knowing what is to come next. To get back at the Director, Bernard brings Linda in. She immediately begins to show affection to the Director. There was gasp, a murmur of astonishment and horror; a young girl screamed standing on a chair to get a better view some one upset two test- tubes full of spermatozoa.(pg139) John is also introduced to rest of the Directors colleagues to further embarrass him and  to also show his double standards as well. As mentioned before, John loves the idea of family and love so he became increasingly ecstatic with the thought of meeting his dad for the first time. Little did John know that his father was ashamed of him because of his ideologies of the World State, and did not receive the welcome that he ha hoped for. John became grossly distraught.

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