Brave New World (Chapter 10 – 18)

After reading chapter after chapter of the Brave New World, I started to believe the World State twisted centuries of modern human belief to bring about control over society. The World State has made the title of Parents (Mother and Father) and women giving birth as taboo. During the tour with Director with the students, this was stated about feels about parents, “and ’parent’?” questioned the D.H.C. There was an uneasy silence. Several of the boys blushed. They had not yet learned to draw the significant but often very fine distinction between smut and pure science. One, at last, had the courage to raise a hand. “Human beings used to be.” he hesitated; the blood rushed to his cheeks. “Well, they used to be viviparous.” (Huxley, p32). Viviparous means giving live birth, but in some cultivation, just idea of women not able to bear children of their own is considered taboo. But looking at the idea of considering Mother and Father figures as smut and a machine pumping out human like a car factory as pure science from a logical standpoint, I believe it did stabilize the population by taking it away child birth from the citizen.

Soma is the other twisted thing the World State has put in affect that I’ve seen thought out the story. It’s practically everywhere and makes me believe that the answer to everyone’s problem. From what I’ve read, I believe SOMA was designed to keep all the citizens of World State happy and docile, another form of control. After Henry try to push a gramme of SOMA on to Bernard so he can “feel better”, Henry State, “Now such is progress-the old men work, the old men copulate, the old men have no time, no leisure from pleasure, not a moment to sit down and think or if ever by some unlucky chance such a crevice of time shoud yawn in the solid substance of their distractions, there is always soma, delicious soma, half a gramme for a half-holiday, a gramme for a week-end, two grammes for a trip to the gorgeous East, three for a dark eternity on the moon;” (Huxley, p62). This proves to me that SOMA is more than just an addiction, but it also helps everyone function in the reality they live in.

Marriage has also been abolished thought out society, but not in John’s eyes. Lenina and John have had feeling for each other from the being, but Leninia and John didn’t express them in the same manner. John lives by the words of Shakespeare that he raised his self on, wanted to marry Leninia seen on Chapter 13 p173, but the share thought of marriage mad confused and angry.

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