Brave New World 1-18

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley starts of with a group of kids that were witnessing how babies were being produced in a lab. Since mothers no longer gave birth to babies with technology they can now produce up to 96 babies in what would’ve been one.The group was told of the caste system in which the babies were organized in beginning with Alpha , Betas ,Gammas, Delta and Epsilons being at the bottom. The babies future were determined before they could decide,those from the higher level of the caste system like the Alphas and Betas would have better jobs working in the labs compared to the babies lower in the caste like the Delta and Epsilons who would have to work in the factories.

Through the first few chapters of the text we were introduced to many different characters one of which that had a big impact was Bernard who worked as a physiologist. Bernard was apart of the highest group in the system Alphas, even thought most of the Alphas were happy Bernard wasn’t he felt like an out cast regarding to his size compared to the other Alpha males. Bernard felt there was way more to explore in life, he went to director of the hatching center to ask for permission to visit the savage reservation in new mexico, the director turned down Bernard request telling him about his own experience going to the savage camp (Huxley, A pg87), “I had the same idea as you,” the Director was saying. “Wanted to have a look at the savages. Got a permit for New Mexico and went there for my summer holiday. With the girl I was having at the moment. She was a Beta-Minus, and I think” (he shut his eyes), “I think she had yellow hair. Anyhow she was pneumatic, particularly pneumatic; I remember that. Well, we went there, and we looked at the savages, and we rode about on horses and all that. And then–it was almost the last day of my leave–then … well, she got lost. We’d gone riding up one of those revolting mountains, and it was horribly hot and oppressive, and after lunch we went to sleep. Or at least I did. She must have gone for a walk, alone. At any rate, when I woke up, she wasn’t there. And the most frightful thunderstorm I’ve ever seen was just bursting on us. And it poured and roared and flashed; and the horses broke loose and ran away; and I fell down, trying to catch them, and hurt my knee, so that I could hardly walk. Still, I searched and I shouted and I searched. But there was no sign of her. Then I thought she must have gone back to the rest-house by herself. So I crawled down into the valley by the way we had come. My knee was agonizingly painful, and I’d lost my soma. It took me hours. I didn’t get back to the rest-house till after midnight. And she wasn’t there; she wasn’t there,” the Director repeated. There was a silence. “Well,” he resumed at last, “the next day there was a search. But we couldn’t find her. She must have fallen into a gully somewhere; or been eaten by a mountain lion. Ford knows. Anyhow it was horrible. It upset me very much at the time. More than it ought to have done, I dare say. Because, after all, it’s the sort of accident that might have happened to any one; and, of course, the social body persists although the component cells may change.” But this sleep-taught consolation did not seem to be very effective. Shaking his head, “I actually dream about it sometimes,” the Director went on in a low voice. “Dream of being woken up by that peal of thunder and finding her gone; dream of searching and searching for her under the trees.” He lapsed into the silence of reminiscence.” He then warned Bernard that if he heard anything any lapse from a proper standard of infantile decorum he would have to transfer him to Iceland. Bernard wasn’t going to let the director stop his quest so he left for mexico with Lenina. Shortly after arrival they witnessed a ritual in which a young man was being whipped , they were approached by a savage who’s name was john. John was white and spoke English unlike the others there, john then tells Bernard about his mother Linda she wasn’t from the reservation camp (Huxley, A pg122), ” Linda had come from the Other Place long ago, before he was born, with a man who was his father. She had gone walking alone in those mountains over there to the North, had fallen down a steep place and hurt her head. Some hunters from Malpais had found her and brought her to the pueblo. As for the man who was his father, Linda had never seen him again. His name was Tomakin He must have flown away.” Bernard found john story similar to the story Thomas (The Director) told him. Bernard asked john and Linda  to go back with him, when they arrived back to the city Linda pointed out Thomas as the father to her son. john became very popular , his mother ingested a large dose of soma which she later died from. John breaks out in rage telling everyone that they were slaves and soma was bad for them, a brawl broke out between john and the workers Helmholtz then jumped in to help john while Bernard stood shook not knowing what to do.They were all held accountable Bernard and Helmholtz were shipped to different islands but john choose to stay in a deserted house in the country side he whipped himself as a form of punishment , a crowd then showed up demanding john to do the stunt for them (Huxley, A pg241), “Just a few words from you, Mr. Savage with a series of ritual gestures.” The following morning when they returned to interview john they found him hanging.

Brave New World had so much twist to it from them trying to create a perfect community where everyone would be happy, with babies  being produced in a lab in a caste system .throughout the text we seen that even with the technology and aspiration they still couldn’t achieve their overall goal. The curiosity of Bernard led to series of events in which ended the story with chaos and tragedies.

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