Blog#4: Brave New World(Chapters 10-18)

The story resumes in chapter 10 as the director has a plan that he wants to dismiss Henry infront of the workers as a public example because he believes that his type of behavior is a threat to the stability in the nation. Throughout these chapters,¬†John and some other characters¬†would quote from Shakespeare.¬†It is interesting that¬†Shakespeare would be quoted from these characters mouths because it is a type of literature and usually literature like that is considered to be something different that¬†the nation does not use and can affect what they call¬†“happiness”.

Also¬†John is a character that is called by the name¬†Savage now¬†and he does not like or admire the civilization he¬†is apart of. According to¬†the book it says: “It isn’t only art that¬†is incompatible with happiness; it’s also science. Science is dangerous; we have to keep it most carefully chained and muzzled.”(Huxley, page 202). This saying is interesting because in the story¬†happiness is often compared to what the stability of the nation is and how the people are born¬†to fulfill certain jobs or duties that they are assigned to based on the status and conditions they are born with and into. They say that they want¬†to keep the things like arts and sciences more distant¬†and controlled from the society because that¬†can cause a¬†disturbance in what¬†they call happiness within their society, even though they use science which is when they create the clones. Also since arts or literature is banned, they did that because they want the people to be more accustomed to newer things rather than old works that can last long because to the powers in charge of that society, having stability is more important.

“Call it the fault of civilization. God isn’t compatible with machinery and scientific medicine and universal happiness.”(Huxley, Page 210). Mustapha Mond is saying that the choice was made that civilization rather would choose science and technological advances rather than dealing with God because that would make a civilization more better according to him, which is why religion and religious beliefs are not a part of what the World Nation and it’s standards.

John believes that the time and the conditions are actually a form of degradation for the citizens rather than it actually being a good thing. Since he believes this and has different ideologies it eventually leads him into getting punished by Mond and than he then leads his own life in the form of solitude away from civilization. Also Bernard and Helmotz are banished and forced to live in separate islands away from civilization because they are believed to also be able to cause harm to the ideals also. When John secludes himself away by being at the lighthouse he did so in order to be able to keep his beliefs and ideals within himself but than soon afterwards he had killed himself because of the arrival of Lenina and feeling as though he has gave in to what he despises the most which was the World State.

Overall this was an interesting science fiction story because it showed various elements that you would usually find in works of science fiction like the use of technology and creation of clones and also the different ideologies we would consider to be wrong or weird in a certain way. Also I find it interesting that even though they try to restrict science arts and aspects of religion, they still use some sort of ideas that stem from those factors.

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