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For this project since I am just getting started I am not to sure of the main, specific topic I would want to use yet but I have some ideas for some. I am hoping to be able to choose a good one and be able to learn more as I go through this process. Some possible topics I have in might would be artificial intelligence, anime/manga, superheroes or nanotechnology.

The reason why I thought about using artificial intelligence because if we think about it we are actually surrounded by it. Like for example in phones Siri could be considered to be that. Also there are machines that are used for various events like when people go against a machine that can play chess or other things as well or even those vacuum cleaners that moves by itself that can clean automatically. It is also interesting because it would be good to find out how artificial intelligence can develop more into the future and what other uses can they be used for.

The reason I thought about anime/manga is because various works of it has science fiction or themes that connect to science fiction. Like for example in the anime called Cowboy Bebop it is about these four characters who lives life and hunts bounties while they are in space and they are exploring other planets while doing so. Also various other anime uses science fiction themes as well like magic, cloning, etc. It can be considered important because it is a kind of art and having art in this world helps to bring life and it is interesting to explore how these authors think about their ideas using other subjects or topics around them.

The reason why I thought about superheroes is because when watching movies that have superheroes they do things that is heavily related to science that is considered to be fiction. Like for example Superman has inhumane strength and heat vision and other powers which is not considered real yet these types of superhero movies deal with the realm of science.

The reason why I thought about nanotechnology is because that is also something that is applied in everyday life and also it can be very important in life as well. Like for example nanotechnology can be used in the field of medicine, which can be used in the creation of medicine or other drugs. Nanotechnology uses cells, atoms and molecules so that it can be used for synthesis of various materials. It is also used when trying to do research as well.

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  1. Jaraad, thanks for proposing these ideas. They are all interesting, but since there are four of them, each of them remains very general. The goal of this proposal is to discuss, in-depth, one topic, and to use exploratory research to guide that process. Please provide a revised proposal for feedback.

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