Class Notes 5/11/2017 (Lated Post)

my apologize to everyone for the late post on class notes.

This is the link that you can use for your research project the steps that you can follow.                    copy and paste the link on your browser or you can click on the link

Some Steps that you can follow for you research project from broad to narrow.

  • always start with a keyword for your reserach
  • Knowing your topic what is about
  • Search for words that re unknown, it can lead to new ideas.
  • finding term that are connected to your research project
  • Looking at the source that the article or blogs used.
  • as an option you can use Google Scholar for academics purpose.
  • A single term can have more the one meaning.
  • What question about the article that you have read.

other source you can use the Science Fiction Resource in the course website.

Any questions, concern please contact Dr. Belli with any inquires od not wait until the last day for questions.

Human Vs Machines

i’m interested in this topic because i’m a computer major and at the same time i have a strong humanistic side. i don’t trust computer at all because they can make mistakes that can cost human lives,knowing that society is depending more of the machine rather than humans. soon every human will be replace at their work for a robot who cn performance a taks faster and chap than a human.

  ” Machine’ just landed in the workplace—they’re expanding skills, moving up the corporate ladder, showing awesome productivity and retention rates, and increasingly shoving aside their human counterparts. One multi-tasker bot, from Momentum Machines, can make (and flip) a gourmet hamburger in 10 seconds and could soon replace an entire McDonalds crew. A manufacturing device from Universal Robots doesn’t just solder, paint, screw, glue, and grasp—it builds new parts for itself on the fly when they wear out or bust.”

i will find  good text evidence where i can show and explain will clearly detail about this “war” between humand kind and Robots. my intention is to demostrate good and bad sides of the future technology that cna replace humans jobs and our life style can drastically change without people be aware of the damage that can this change can cause to the world.

Humans in a virtual world

Set at an unspecified time later on, Westworld is a futuristic amusement park that is something of a playground for the wealthy. This is no common Old West reenactment, however. What makes Westworld uncommon is its population not on-screen characters, but rather android “host” who are meticulously modified to give “more than 100 interconnected accounts” to the visitors who visit.

This is a world where visitors. they can go where they need and pick their own particular story line. It’s what the computer game industry would call an open-world diversion, much like the Grand Theft Auto arrangement (the event that you need to stay with the Western topic). What frequently makes amusements like these disputable is a similar thing that makes them so engaging: Not just would you be able to go wherever you need, you can do whatever you want. In the less familiar and friendly zones of Westworld, that implies not simply going brothels or killing bad folks in shoot-outs, however beating, tormenting, and assaulting any, Each visitor in Westworld is basically in “God mode” they can never be hurt, and as far as possible to their conduct are the limits of their dreams. In such a domain, the hosts fill a critical need: Along with a rich narrative, they give moral cover to everybody’s darkest driving forces. You can would anything you like to them with exemption, since they aren’t real.

The primary individual we meet in Westworld isn’t a person  but instead a host named Dolores Abernathy. Dolores is the model great young lady whom visitors can spare from outlaws or assault, depending their inclination. Apparently, it doesn’t make a difference. Regardless of what happens to Dolores through the span of an “narrative circle,” her memory gets reset, so she can return similarly as new  and naive for the next group of visitors.

Unexpected Behaviour.


In her proceeded yet unnoticed notices to get ready for catastrophe and secure the group, Lauren resembles Cassandra, the old Greek prophetess who prognosticated the obliteration of Troy, however was disregarded. She was honored by the divine beings to have the capacity to see the future really, yet reviled to have nobody trust her expectations. Like Lauren, she was compelled to watch the decimation of her city.

Lauren’s neighborhood are slaughtered. Incomprehensibly, it was the divider that welcomed these assaults, despite the fact that it was planned to keep them out. Lauren likewise discovers that it is not those are have brought about the most enormous social disparities that are rebuffed, but instead the individuals who are basically the most open.

These chapters demonstrate the last separation of the old community and the principal seeds of the new one that will amass around Lauren. The assignment of building another group is a troublesome one, in light of the fact that Lauren and her companions are pulled in inverse headings. With a specific end goal to survive, they should be savage; they should be set up to overlook a portion of the tenets of cultivated conduct that they were raised to watch. Lauren comprehends this superior to Harry. It is she who demands that they should have a similar outlook as a pack of creatures to guarantee their security. In any case, in the meantime they should likewise regard and see each other. Whenever Lauren and Zahra create shared comprehension, and when Lauren peruses to her and Harry about Earthseed, it is the main little stride to modifying a group out of the slag of the old one. It is likewise a major stride for Lauren, on the grounds that surprisingly she obtains a few supporters. Since she has been put under a magnifying glass, her characteristics of authority are developing firmly. She may not completely acknowledge it yet, but rather she is basically establishing another religion

Lauren never expect to be a savage. Thinking all the situation antryi g to survive in a world were chaos and fear is in every corner of the street. She knows amd she mist act like the rest of the world without losing her personality that helped gatbered people in order to survive. Nothing can be done except change their mentallity every ti.e that they face a difficult situations such as killing or be kill. The smartest people can survive in a world were death and robbery are top priority for many people because they are under drugs or just because that’s the o ly option they have in order to survive. Just like lauren did back in chapter 13  she has yo kill in orser to ecape from the people who uses pyro the drug tjat makes people burn everything.

Good memories never dies

My visit to  a new world of a science fiction was interesting. Visiting the science fiction archives was an amazing experience where i feel i can spend countles of hours reading magazines and book without getting boring. I wish i could stay longer because there is something.special about that place that i can’t describe it like a magic place where you can feel a strong energy atmosphere.  There was a book that caught my attention during my visit in the archives. There is was this book call “Be my enemy” i wish i could read more than just the hard cover it looks interesting like the book calling my name maybe because i love so much about fiction, or sci-fi stories.

the golden age was a great period. when i thought of the golden age,i believe that gave a great impact on the sci-fi community. giving the best stories. after i did a little research about it . this was my The Golden Age of Science Fiction — regularly perceived as the period from the late 1930s through the 1950s was a time amid which the sci-fi increased wide open of numerous great sci-fi stories were distributed. Ever, the Golden Age takes after the “pulp” of the 30s, the pulp was recognize as a era were sci-fi stories were printed out on cheap material and have different designed like monsters spaces ship and more giving life to different stories.

A impressed collection of sci-fi books and magazines. every time i thought of the word archives i thought on old document that no one see untill they need it, but looking at this science fiction archives changed my mind. looking at this huge collection of magazines and books, i understand the meaning of having archives. it’s not just to have a bunch of documents or files in a place. it’s because those documents has value and meaning for the new generation that will take over. i admire the work and time that this person put into to save all those magazines and books.


Against your will.

The party can change and modify the laws unreservedly as it needs. people never know whether they have carried out any crime, in this way nobody is brave enough to challenge the Party by any level, so fear is made.”Newspeak” is another law that is upheld to solidify the Party’s control. People utilize dialect to express their thoughts, by dispensing with words and supplanting enthusiastic words, for example, “astounding”, “awesome” and “phenomenal” by a solitary word “great” and its relative degrees “plusgood” and “plusplusgood”. Bunches of considerations are really restricted in light of the fact that they can’t be framed semantically in individuals’ brain. They can’t have their own particular basic considering, and just do what they are advised to do, they work similarly as PCs, which shockingly just have two words.

Winston needs to be the leader of his own thoughts, however the state is sufficiently capable to control even those. He needs the opportunity to trust that two in addition to two equivalents four, that the past is settled, and that affection is private.; However, Through its successful mental control strategies, the Party destroy all feelings of freedom and uniqueness. Everybody wears a similar clothes, eats a similar sustenance, and lives in the same grungy condos. Life is uniform and methodical. Nobody can emerge, and nobody can be remarkable. To have a free thought verges on the criminal.

the novel has a tragic ending. Every single good thing must arrive at an end. For Winston Smith, the hero of 1984 by George Orwell, that implies that his getaways with his darling Julia are ruined  that they are gotten by individuals from the Thought Police. Held for ceiminals to the state and its representation,  Winston and Julia are isolated and torturing. All things considered, the state requests total accommodation. To top it all off, his gathered contact to help him topple the state, O’Brien, is the person who is torturing.


1984 are given to presenting the real characters and subjects of the novel. These chapters likewise familiarize the harsh with the cruel and severe world in which the protegonist, Winston Smith, lives. from Winston’s point of view that the harsh witnesses the severe physical and mental savageries created upon the general population by their administration.  the startling strategies government may use to control its subjects, and to delineate the degree of the control that legislature can apply. . Winston appears to comprehend that he may be more joyful if he were free. Orwell emphazises the way that the opportunity is a stunning and outsider thought: just writing in a journal—a demonstration of self-expression—is an unforgivable wrongdoing. He likewise highlights the degree of government control by depicting how the Party watches its individuals through the big telescreens in their homes.

Wisnton, He has been dreading the force of the Party for a considerable length of time. the blame he feels in the wake of hosting  a burden against the party overpowers him, rendering him sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that he will be gotten and be punish. Winston just incidentally permits himself to feel any desire for what’s to come. His general negativity not just mirrors the social molding against, additionally throws a general unhappiness on the novel’s environĂąment;
clarified in Chapter III as the capacity to accept and distrust at the same time in a similar thought, or to trust in two opposing thoughts at the same time—gives the mental key to the Party’s control of the past. Doublethink permits the nationals under Party control to acknowledge mottos like “Freedom is Slavery” and “Opportunity is subjugation,” and empowers the specialists at the Ministry of Truth to have confidence in the bogus adaptations of the records that they themselves have changed. With the conviction of the laborers, the records turn out to be practically valid. Winston battles under the heaviness of this abusive hardware, and longs to have the capacity to trust his own particular memory7

Essay 1 Pred-Draft

On my essay im writing about stability on brave new world and how can affect the sociaty. i’m almost with my essay but there some changes i have to make and adding little bit more of explanation on some scenarios. i know some of my ideas are all over the place and sometimes take me time to realize it, but if you see something that don’t make sense or think i have to change. please feel free and letting me know so i can apply the corrections.


Stability in brave new world

One noteworthy issue that keeps up social stability in Brave New World is sex. It is considered as would be expected for individuals to be totally open with their sexual nature. It is ordinary for youngsters to run around naked playing amusements that are sexual and once in a while homosexual person in nature. Each grown-up is urged to lay down with whatever number diverse people as could reasonably be expected. This attitude toward sexual nature is very unique in relation to real acknowledged perspectives.

The Director lets one of the student know the understudies, “Bokanovsky’s Process is one of the significant instruments of social stability.” For, he clarifies, with fate and molding, individuals then like their “inevitable social fate.” at the end of the day, individuals are adapted to acknowledge satisfaction over truth. In the nurseries, the kids are subjected to hypnopaedia, or rest molding, and additionally electric shock when they touch certain things. Accordingly, they are create indistinguishable youth fears that last into adulthood; in like manner, they discuss similar behavior and convictions to guarantee a stable society. The kids are instructed to consider the possibility of individual guardians and regular labor repulsive; they figure out how to despise books and nature and longing just to take part in consumerism. Into adulthood; likewise, they recite the same platitudes and beliefs to ensure a stable society. The children are taught to find the idea of individual parents and natural childbirth repugnant; they learn to hate books and nature and desire only to engage in consumerism.

Stability is the third of the three objective of the society in the story. It is character specify regularly the explanation behind that society act this way  for example stability requires the creation of expansive quantities of hereditary indistinguishable people since individual who are precisely the same are les inclined to create conflict, stability implies limiting conflisct in the society.


There will come soft Rains Analisys

this short story is about a house who has auto control by its own like a living thing.

The house’s robotized framework proceeds as though nothing has changed.  The breakfast stove cooks the run of the mill breakfast: eggs, bacon, toast, espresso, and drain. The climate box keeps on giving the climate and apparel proposals. This proceeded with cautiousness and movement had spared the house from annihilation before. It deliberately requested the secret key on the off chance that anything moved toward the house, for example, foxes or felines, and it close the windows and drew the shades if a feathered creature flew close to the house. It was practically as though the house was neurotic, yet it worked until this day.

An unusual day a dog could get inside the house. The dog has entered in the house covered in wounds, also, the dog goes everywhere in the house searching for its family, however it finds nobody. The dog gets to be distinctly unhinged and starts to foam at the mouth, in the long run giving way. At the point when the dog kicks the bucket and starts to rot, the house keeping’s mice sense it and go into the space to grab the dog and put the poor dog inside the incinerator in the basement.

Bradbury’s attention on robotized house in this story. The house does everything for the family of course if were a family living inside the house.  and the house has auto control meaning no one can control it everything has its own function and way to react anany situation In spite of the robotized living, its carelessness appears. Indeed, even as the house is burning to the ground, the kitchen stove keeps on producing breakfast. The house can evidently do anything, yet it can’t spare itself.

Another subject in the story is that machines can fill in as both a help and an obstruction. The machines inside the house are  extraordinary advantage as they zoom around cleaning the house. The house contains a stove that cooks breakfast and washes dishes, and robot vacuum cleaners swoop up each molecule of tidy. However an atomic occasion has obviously brought about the annihilation of all human life. For each progress in innovation, some mischief appears to come about.

Analysis, Brave New World #2

The Director leaves. In the interim, all upper-rank London is wild to see John, whom they call the Savage. Since Linda is old, monstrous, and a mother, nobody needs to see her. Linda couldn’t care less, however, and cheerfully medicates herself into a trance with soma. Bernard’s association with the Savage makes him well known and vital. He takes full favorable position, laying down with numerous ladies. He likewise thinks Helmholtz is envious, when truly Helmholtz is disheartened in light of the fact that in the face of Bernard’s good faith, the general population being benevolent to him keep on disliking him. Bernard even goes so far as to compose an answer to Mustapha Mond about the Savage in which he says that he concurs with the Savage’s conviction that infantility is too simple. Mond chooses not to show Bernard a lesson … however. The Savage visits different World State offices. Bokanovsky twins frighten him. At Eton, he sees schoolchildren snicker at a film demonstrating religious ceremonies, and discovers that World State youngsters are adapted to acknowledge passing.

When he gets to be distinctly famous, Bernard rejects his past disdain and begins to like what society brings to the table. Hence, he discloses to Helmholtz that he had six distinct ladies in one week. Bernard rises as a shallow and self-retained character who neglects to understand that self-centeredness is just an alternate type of independence and that regardless he has no place in a general public where singular lives are subordinate to social steadiness.

A phrase that caught my attention was “What fun it would be if one didn’t have to think about happiness!”. One of the real topics of BNW is Happiness vs. Stability. The World State needs to make an extremely stable society – as appeared by its proverb – where individuals take after experts without question. Happiness advances precariousness on account of the unstable way of bliss itself, for cherishing somebody. This kind of satisfaction makes it troublesome for the administration to control its people since it might diminish individuals’ rate of utilization; as an outcome, the World State balances out its people by pulling them far from forceful feelings. They do this by making a framework where individuals are in a split second satisfied (sex, soma) and given no opportunity to reflect about the more critical stuff.

john’s developing aversion against everything in the World State at last moves him into a face to face encounter with it.. He demands considering Lenina to be an immaculate, virginal lady, had of finish sexual humility. To John, Lenina is just a theoretical rendering of all the idealistic ladies he has perused about in Shakespeare’s works. He battles with the physical side of sexuality to indicate that he needs stifle it totally. At the point when Lenina makes a go at him, he calls her a whore for breaking the guidelines of an ethical code she is not in any case mindful of. “whore” is the main other classification that he needs to comprehend Lenina. It is critical that when he bolts himself far from Lenina,