steam punk and architecture

My project explores the connection of steam punk, a subgenre of science fiction, and architecture. My key focus is to point out the issues technology can cause to our society in terms of being lackadaisical, and losing touch with their natural human form to technology. I explore the upward drive to a more technology filled home, one where the owners have to do little to no work to get what they want. My thesis: is the society becoming too dependent on technology? If so how can the combination of steampunk and architectural design stop this? Steam punk inventions and architectural designs are large, elaborate masses composed of tiny part. when we combine the two we get homes, a crucial part of living, that we can relate too, feel, and be in control of in a manual way. With this, society can separate themselves from machines, and not become consumed.


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Parallel universes

For my final project, I’d like to research the concept of parallel universes. the connection of parallel universes, the proof, and our everyday lives, showing how parallel universe might be a possibility, and the proof might be right before our eyes.

A parallel universe is a hypothetical self-contained reality co-existing with one’s own ( I would like to explore the science behind parallel universes. in other words, proof that is out there showing its possible existence. I’ve seen multiple movies about parallel universes and inter-dimensional travel, Sliders and Doctor who for example. And this always interested me, we are surrounded by a vast number of universes and galaxies so many that we can’t even count. there’s a theory that it’s possible to travel between these universes to parallel realities without even realizing. Worlds that are just like our own but with slight changes. Perhaps there are other Universes with different versions of ourselves, different histories and alternate outcomes, than our own. In other worlds, would it be possible that there’s a Universe out there where everything happened exactly as it did in this one, except you did one tiny thing different, and hence had your life turn out incredibly different as a result?( 

ill list a few examples


 where you enter a situation, or do an action or see something, and get the feeling that it’s happened before. Even more strange is Deja vecu, which is the feeling that you know what’s going to happen next, too. Then there’s alter vu, which is when someone remembers their history differently. Even freakier in this case is that they realize the world around them is unfamiliar, because they recognize both the history they recall, and the one that’s unfolding around them at the same time. It’s like a more extreme version of Deja vu, with the implication that these feelings are perhaps actually €œmemories€ from other versions of ourselves, in other universes. (


The craziest part of our everyday lives nobody can explain, though are dreams. What the heck are dreams? Nobody knows. They could be the brain, as it rests, sorting through thoughts, memories and anxieties; they could just be the random firings of synapses; they could be some sort of mix of the two, the sleeping brain trying to put an assortment of images into a working narrative. The fourth option, meanwhile, is that entering REM sleep is the closest we can get to viewing the alternate worlds that are usually beyond our comprehension, like windows into other worlds. (


One of the more scientific explanations for the appearance of spectral, ghostly figures is that they’re something beyond the usual realm of human understanding, beings that we’re not usually attuned to, or who don’t usually make their presence known. In which case, they could be some bleed through from an alternate world or reality, a bunch of misfiring electrons that have landed on the wrong plane of existence. Or there could be an alternate universe populated by the deceased(


The Mandela Effect is one of the internet’s recently popular conspiracy theories that has been messing with all of our brains. This phenomenon is when thousands of people with no relation to each other have the exact same collective misremembering of the same event. Some think it may be due to the shifting of parallel universes. Perhaps we all once lived in a universe where things were slightly different and we still remember it that original way but are now in a reality where things are different. for example a popular household air freshener, “Febreeze” is seen by a lot of people every single day, but Since when was it spelled “febreze” with only one “e”? According to the Mandela effect if you remember it as “Febreeze” opposed to “Febreze” you might just be from different realities. (


for my updated proposal, I tried my best to make it clearer what my vision was. I listed examples of some of the things I could possibly present and tried to tie in back into the parallel universe theory. I’ve learned through research that there is a lot of hard core scientific research and lighter easier to comprehend examples out there. I’m very interested in both but in not sure what I should go deeper into, I don’t want my presentation to be boring, I want it to be exciting, interesting, an eye opener and a moment of realization for some. so I need the classes opinion on this one.


Parralel Universes & the mandela effect

I’ve seen multiple movies about parallel universes and inter-dimensional travel. And this always interested me, we are surrounded by a vast number of universes and galaxies so many that we can’t even count. theres a theory that its possible to travel between these universes to parallel realities without even realizing. Worlds that are just like our own but with slight changes.

If you’ve ever been to the “dark side” of youtube, you might have heard of the mandela effect.The Mandela effect is the belief that there are  differences between one’s memories and the real world, which is caused by changes to past events in the timeline. Many Mandela effect believers believe it is caused by accidental travel between alternate universes.

for my project, id like to connect both parallel universes and the Mandela effect to ur everyday lives.

more than meets the eye

Based on the opening scenes of the episode, I could easily tell machines, technology and robots would play a major role in the series. at 1:58 we see Deloris for the first time, followed by someone saying ” Bring her back online”. so, at this point I’m just like yea, she looks real but she’s definitely a robot, kind of expected that. then that scene with her ends with a fly landing on her eye causing no reaction. ill speak of the significance of this later on.

after that scene, I was kind of thrown off, I want expecting a western vibe, but now that I think of it it’s called west world so it makes sense. the old fashion clothing, town setting, and steam train transportation intrigued me. I was very curious to see how a tech savvy society and a western society could possible mix together. The idea of mixing the past with the future was unexpected, but in a good way.

I started to analyze what was going on and started putting two and two together, I thought to myself how can someone be seen in a futuristic setting as a robot and then in a western seen as a human all within a matter of seconds? First I thought flash back maybe, but how could she still be alive? then I came to the conclusion of reanimation of the human mind, I thought somehow, they dug up on skeletons and used DNA fragment to create androids. I was wayyyyy off.

the second big shocker for me was at 9:30 when the dad, Peter, and the wife were shot and killed some maniac obsessed with milk, ill speak on the significance of this later as long story short milk maniac gets killed by random guy in all-black who says to Deloris something about not remembering him even though the known each other for over 30 years. then says at 13:33 he didn’t pay all this money to get it easy. I paused mentally and said yea this definitely has to be some type of virtual reality. a world designed to live out any crazy dream.

at 16:36 this scene shows one of the robot things doing a small unprogramed gesture, touching her lips. the reasoning behind this was that Ford must have change the program, causing moments to be accessed form memories, it was brushed away as nothing much. Me knowing science fiction all too wells knew it wasn’t nothing, I wondered if her actions were actually a glimpse of self-awareness, he subconscious coming alive leading her to gain control of her own actions. moving away from the tile of robot to “human”

at 21:08 Ford is talking to a guy, I knew right away he was a robot due to the little detail of his eye moments. The fact that he was holding a casual conversation with this guy in a room filled with naked bodies was weird enough for me, but the fact that he would actually converses with the robots kind of made me question he sanity and how he views the robots. are they simply empty shells or something more to him?

Fast forward to where peter the father finds the image of a woman in times square. this caused me to question a lot of things, how could a physical object such as a picture enter the virtual world? or was in programmed in by someone? I wondered if this was foreshadowing, showing the viewers that the real world and virtual world were about to collide.

fast forward again to the scene of the milk maniac killing pretty much everyone in sight and pouring milk on them. he was supposedly glitching out and going against the story line created for him. I wondered if he was gaining the ability to break away from what he was programmed to do, and was starting to able to make choices of his own.

symbolism seems to be big in this episode and it is thrown in in very subtle hints. the scene at 43:10 following the milk maniacs massacre shows how the “robots” are made. they are dipped in a white milky substance. this might be a stretch but I feel that the need for the milk guy to kill those like himself ” the people in the virtual reality world” is connected to the fact that they are artificial. I haven’t seen one single cow in this show but yet he has a never-ending supply of milk, what if when he kills the people he pours the milk on them to symbolize their creation process, like mixing death with creation?

another form of symbolization I picked up on is this fly. in the opening scene, we see the fly land on Deloris, causing little to no effect. then at 27:00 we see the fly land on the sheriff and in that moment, he begins to glitch out! I questioned if the fly was meaningful. a fly is a bug, and in computer programing bugs cause viruses and glitches. what if someone has programmed this ” fly” to break down the system. well if that the case why wasn’t Deloris affected when the fly landed on her? Well I believe Deloris is much more aware of her situation that we are lead to believe.

at the end of the episode Deloris is questioned. she is asked two simple questions. have you ever lied to us? and would you kill a living thing? she answered no to both. The guy questioning her began to chat about her history and the fact that she can’t be broken because she has been fixed so many times and that she was the oldest host. The very last scene is where it all came to me. the fly is seen buzzing around Delores’s face and lands on her neck. I watched closely to see if she would glitch, she doesn’t, instead she KILLED the fly. Deloris killed a living thing. This means Deloris is very well capable of killing a living thing and does possess the ability to lie.

Deloris if much more aware that the is leading on.


Class Notes for 05/02/17



Don’t forget to carry text to our next class.

will discuss final 2 chapters on Thursday

Come to class with at least 1 thing to discuss. ( 1 excerpt and 1 example)

Examples: refer to things discussed in class, contemporary connections, silicone valley’s apocalypse preparation, hyper empathy, slavery

Recap from last class:

  • Lauren’s hyper-empathy
    • Feels others pain as her own
    • mother was on drugs while pregnant with her
    • Bankole has read up on it ( revealed it to him) falls in love with him, opens up to him
    • zara speaks of experiences she has on the street with hyper-empathy
    • she 1st viewed it as a weakness (can’t keep up with the group) her ankles heel


  • Role of journaling
    • Meditates more with book further into the story
    • writes to maintain awareness and record of event (travel log)
    • more religious ( a place to express what she believes in her heart in relation to earth earthseed)
    • seen as form of poetry
    • when she 1st starts to share her writing with others ( harry, Zara, couple with the baby) she cares the least preachy verses, slowly trying to pull people in.
    • people soon get into earth seed and want to learn more.
    • she teaches people to read and write with the journal.
    • journal serves as more than just religion

Circle Time / Class Discussion:


  • Olivar and KSF: gated community
    • corporate take over
    • people have to work to stay in community


  • Role and relations of people: in the community
    • In the community before how did people deal with things?
      • they were taught to shoot, had nigh watch, underground safe.
      • the people weren’t ignorant or unaware but wanted to maintain the status quo.
      • they were interested in preservation and opposed to change


  • Analysis on Keith: Lauren’s brother
    • he was wanted by those on the outside so he can teach them to read and write.
    • Has major conflicts with laurels father
    • sneaks out of the community, robbing and killing people in the process
    • Lauren uses him to find out what the outside world is like, what to prepare for.


  • Destiny of earthseed
    • To go to space
    • “to take root around the starts” ( page 222)


  • New community members
    • Harry and Zara
    • travis, Nat., Dominic
    • allie and jill
    • justin
    • amaris and torrie
    • bankole

A blessing or a curse?

Laurens character is very different,diffrent for all our other novels never read and up to this point in Parable of the Sower , different from everyone we’ve been introduced too. She has this ability, its not super natural but its not natural either, its very mystical. having the ability to feel what others feel on a physical level, in the time that she lives in is like a crutch. A crutch has the ability to aid you, but it can definetly slows you down. that kind of describes Lauren, her ability can allow her to see the better parts of people but in times of deadly conflict, 9 out of 10 times, she’s balled up uselessly in pain.

Lauren now lives in a kill or be killed world, but she fears killing anything because she gets the feeling of death herself. This is the first of her many challenges. In the chapter four of the book, Lauren over comes her fears and shoots a dog that tried to attack the group, taking it out of its misery. As  stated before, her ability its like a crutch, it can be an aid or a weakness. Here her hyper-empathy allows her to the feel the suffering of the dog, leading to empathy. This empathy causes her to over come her fears, and willingly experence death.”I had felt it die, and yet i had not died.i had felt its pain as though it were a human being.i had felt its life flare and go out, and i was still alive.”(46). At this point lauren is beginning to realize how strong she is , realizing her ability wont lead to death. This first experience of death gives her what she needs to develop as a character who is willing to protect herself and her people at all cost.

growing up to a priest lauren has lived much of her life learning about the bible, she constantly thinks of the  terrible suffering that goes on in her world, leading her to think of the   book of Job, the portion of the Bible that deals with the terrible suffering of a man named Job. “In the book of Job, God says he made everything and he knows everything so no one has any right to question what he does with any of it. Okay. That works. That Old Testament God doesn’t violate the way things are now. But that God sounds a lot like Zeus – a super-powerful man, playing with his toys the way my youngest brothers play with toy soldiers. If they’re yours, you make the rules. Who cares what the toys think. Wipe out a toy’s family, then give it a brand new family.”(16). Lauren unlike Job is against allowing suffering to go on, she wants to change the world she lives in, making it a better place.

She writes in a diary, opening her mind to the harsh realities of life. And in the process of writing her day to day life experiences, she comes to realize she is creating something more, but she isn’t quite sure what it is.”But this thing ,This idea? Philosophy? New religion?, won’t let me alone, won’t let me forget it, won’t let me go. Maybe…. Maybe it’s like my sharing: One more weirdness; one more crazy, deep-rooted delusion that I’m stuck with. I am stuck with it. And in time, I’ll have to do something about it. In spite of what my father will say or do to me, in spite of the poisonous rottenness outside the way where I might be exiled, I’ll have to do something about it. That reality scares me to death.”(26). She acknowledges the new ” religion” she’s starting will be opposed greatly by her father, yet she continues. Her ambitions surrounding her new philosophy go beyond keeping them personal, it is no longer enough, she wants to share it. Which could lead to something great for the good people still lest in the world.


Removing Blindfolds

This version of the film has both very strong similarities and very strong differences. The first major difference would be the open scenes. Here the film gives a back story of how the world has come to be at its current state. When reading the book I always wondered how and why the society has gotten to this point. I understood that a world war kind of situations lead the party to become a totalitarian ruler but never truly understood why. They only insight of the past given to us from the book were Winston’s flash backs to the past in dreams, which were kind of sporadic. The fact that the film showed the world in its original condition then its final condition is significant because it gives the viewers, like myself, a more in-depth understanding of how drastically things have changed for the worst. It also makes it easier to relate to Winston’s emotions of sadness when he has flashbacks to the past, because I now understood how good life was, I can feel his pain of knowing how far gone society has come.

The film doesn’t show Winston purchasing the diary, but at 5:09 we are first introduced to it. In this scene, he enters his apartment and begins to kick it along the ground out of sight of the monitors. Although the way the book is introduced is different, there is a mutual understanding between the book and the novel that the diary is to be hidden, and will lead to his demise if found.  Something I found to be a significant detail in the film would be when he sat down at his desk to write in his diary and crossed out the date 1960 and put 1984. In the novel, there was an in-depth description of Winston’s diary to give the readers the understanding of how old the book was, it was from a time before the party’s ruling, a time of freedom. The diary symbolized freedom, Winston’s mental freedom. The film summed all that up into one simple scene / action, successfully and clearly showing the age of the diary and showcasing its importance.

The film had lots of foreshadowing but the clearest example would be at 8:30 when one of Winston’s friend’s daughter comes into the apartment immediately accusing Winston of thought crime, pointing out the fact that the desk he writes at is too far from the monitor which is suspicions, and threatens to report him to the authorities. This was significant to me because I know everyone is monitored and listened to at all times, so someone from the party had to hear that, this could very much so have been the beginning of the end for Winston. The party from that point could have been watching his every move and waiting to figure out all his allies, Julia, to basically kill 2 birds with one stone.

When Winston and Julia were caught in the room by the hidden monitor, I questioned why they didn’t apprehend him earlier since they knew of his actions. But the party was smarter than that, they used Winston to lure in, and seek out other members of the opposing side. Basically, getting more bang from their buck. For some reason, I never realized or thought of that until I watched this version of the film. In both films and the novel, the idea of Winston being caught is thrown around left and right, most likely because Winston was in fact caught long before we were actually told, but we all knew it just like the party knew of his disloyalty.

Vision can change everything

From the very start of the film I was given the feeling of a communist type of society/ environment. The first colors visible are black, white, grey and red, and the opening captions are in bold red letters. This is a major significance between the film’s opening scenes and the books opening scene. It’s like hearing a name a bunch of times, and finally being able to put a face to the name. Right off the bat I was able to grasp an idea of what the society was like and its strict ruling. From the very start of the film a crowd is seen watching a propaganda video that started out fairly calm but quickly transformed into scenes of violence. The film mentions the people of the crowd as “the builders” of the society. At 2:35 the film shows fires, bombings, death and shootings, the narrator soon appears on screen commanding the people to scream the leaders name in guessing causing an uproar.

The sight of war caused to crowd to become roweled up. This imagery helped give me a clear understanding of how the poorer people lived. In the novel, I understood that they were forced and brainwashed by propaganda to love the party and follow its every command, but seeing the crowds attitude switch at the drop of a dime made it crystal clear how wrapped around the parties fingers they actually were. Consumed by propaganda and false teaching to the point of extreme mood swings, they went from relaxed to infuriated in a matter of seconds. They are taught to hate certain thinghs and adorn others, this becomes apparent when the film changes for the last time. Showing “INGSOC” on the screen with a flag waving behind it causes everyone to praise this imagery, some even begin to cry.

One similarity between the novel and film would be their way of living. The streets are littered with trash, houses lay demolished while many have clear signs of impact, assumingly due to war, and the elevator in the building doesn’t work. Everyone is living in ruins and technology that should be used to their benefit doesn’t work, yet all rooms are wired with monitors.  The scene where the elevator isn’t working is a very important one, it shows what the party really cares about and what they priorities. They have enough technology to watch the proles and monitor their every move, yet could care less to provide them with working elevators to ease the struggles of everyday life they encounter living in such a dilapidated neighborhood. The elevator can serve as a symbolism of normal life, and that being gone shows how far gone society is. Nothing is normalized anymore and the party has absolutely no intention of bringing “normality” back.






Whats considered old will always be new to those who haven’t seen it yet.

The historical archive was what I expected and more, over 4,000 books of science fiction wow. When we first entered into the room with the seating I remember thinking to myself, where are all the books? Then I saw the door and was eager to go inside, I was excited to see the magazines, what the art work was like and the style of writing that was used. When I finally got my hands on some books I began to thoroughly inspect it. While Feeling the paper and its thickness and smelling the oldness of the paper, it made me think of the old dusty box of books that have been hidden in my basement for like 10 years. When I was younger I had my own little archive of Sci-Fi books. I was obsessed with the Goosebumps, and A Series of Unfortunate Events, and some other things that I can’t really remember. So seeing these books really brought me back to my childhood.

I was so surprised to see advertisement for cigarettes in numerous books. During the time period the books were published cigarettes were like the it thing and were seen as healthy so I can understand its placement. But in modern times you’re unlikely to flip the page of a best-selling novel and find adverts for cigarettes. In magazines, you’ll probably find an advert opposing the use of it. The concept of having page full ads sporadically place throughout a book is an out dated thing. But every book in the archive had ads that had nothing to do with books. Books seemed to replace the use of television a little bit more then compared to now, so the best way to advertise was in books I guess.

One thing I noticed way how interactive the books were. At the back of each was always something linking the readers to something else. Whether it be the follow up story or a website to further the discussion with the author, or something as simple as a subscription. The books seemed to be more than just books, they weren’t something you just pick up, read, and put down. They were like the links of a chain link fence, each part connected to another part, to another, to another, eventually making a web of stories that intertwine and feed off of each other. They consumed the role of modern day television shows that go on and on, starting with episodes that eventually lead to multiple seasons.

The fact that the anonymous donator managed to keep everything so organize and under such great condition is astonishing to me. My little archive is a hot mess and it only consists of maybe 100 to 150 books, and this guy had 4,000, kudos to him. The science fiction archive visit allowed me to physically hold pieces of history. I got the opportunity to hold literature that was decades older than me, some older than my mom, which is amazing. The visit even rekindled my obsession I had as a child, maybe in like 50 years I’ll donate some old goosebumps books I have lingering around.

1984 WAnalysis

From the opening chapter of the book, I gathered that Winston is our main character and he has a different outlook on life than everyone else. The story seems to take place is a dystopia type of environment,the government has the first and and last say on everything that goes on within the city. Big brother is always watching the citizens to make sure everyone is acting according to the rules and propaganda is forced into their heads 24 / 7.

The people live in dilapidated buildings, with horrible food and living conditions. The government doesn’t even care about this, they values their message much more. They devote their times into installing theres propaganda televisions throughout the city, they set up cameras everywhere to watch the citizens and they require everyone to be involved in this. Despite the obvious lack of care for the citizens, on the behalf of the government, the people never speak out or even dare to show unhappiness with the party due to fare. The society seems to be built and molded on the concept of fear and lies.

War is peace ,freedom is slavery ,ignorance is strength ( page 4), these are the official slogans of the Party, and are inscribed in massive letters on the white pyramid of the Ministry of Truth. This slogan combined with the constant propaganda, are what conform the minds of the citizens into believing the nonsense the leaders of the society are enforcing. With this, the party can get the people to accept whatever they are told no matter how illogical it is. All the people become pawns for the government, they are forced to live in a society that values everything but their well being or free will.

Winston is clearly one of the few people in the society who are aware of the deceit. in his hidden diary he express his emotions, despite knowing its an unpardonable crime. Subconsciously he acts out and revolts against big brother as he writes ” Down with big brother”(page 19). Being that that no one is allowed to keep physical records documenting the past, the  people can’t really challenge the government’s motivations, actions, and authority. Winston has slight memory of the times he was a child, before all the propaganda and history changes were implemented, which is why i believe he can see through the lies.  Winston has flash backs of the past in his dreams and is fully aware that the conditions he’s living in now aren’t the same as before.

This knowledge is very dangerous he, so he hides his thoughts from the though police, and tries his best to blend in with the society. Kind of like in zombie movies, people cover themselves in zombie blood and guts as a disguise, a way to blend in with the other zombies to escape death. Winston is trying his best at this point to stay low key and go unnoticed, because he is fully aware of what his disloyalty and non devotion to the Party will lead to. Torture/death or as they call it vaporization.”Names were removed from the registry, every record of you wiped out, your existence denied and then forgotten”( page 19)