When I think about science fiction Robots/ Futuristic Technology is one of the first things that come to mind. My proposal will be focusing on “Robots” and the plans that are already being made to replace us with automated bots in the world field. Yes, robots can be very beneficial to us but on the other hand it can cause a lot of rupture in many communities. I’ve done some research in different areas regarding robots and I came across some very important information that I’m going to share with you today.  

The United States of American proved its dominance over the Soviet Union during the cold war being able to land the first man on the moon. NASA has been making various trips to the moon since the 1969 landing, the journey in search of other life in outa space began since this great accomplishment.” NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission is an ongoing robotic space mission involving two Mars rovers, spirit and Opportunity, exploring the planet Mars. It began in 2003 with the sending of the two rovers: MER-A and MER-B Opportunity—to explore the Martian surface and geology. The use of robots helps play a major role in us finding extraterrestrial life.

Science fiction theories over the years are finally beginning to come to life. We’ve all watched fiction movies with robots playing human roles, but what if I tell you that robots might soon be playing a role in your life. According to a new report from the Consultancy Firm PwC by the year 2030, automated bots can replace up to 40% of the U.S jobs, 30% of the United Kingdom, 35% Germany and 21% in Japan. That’s over 2 billion jobs half of the World total jobs, at the beginning of the course we read a novel called “The Machine Stops” and the way that story ended was  heartbreaking.

Proposal Draft

Science fiction theories over the years are finally beginning to come to life. We’ve all watched fiction movies with robots playing human roles, but what if I tell you that robots might soon be playing a role in your life. According to a new report from the Consultancy Firm PwC by the year 2030, automated bots can replace up to 40% of the U.S jobs, 30% of the United Kingdom, 35% Germany and 21% in Japan. That’s over 2billion jobs half of the World total jobs, at the beginning of the course we read a novel called “The Machine Stops” and the way that story ended was  heartbreaking.

Times are hard even with the amount of jobs we have now people are still struggling, some having to work two and three jobs just to maintain. With technology reaching to higher heights the pressure is rapidly increases only awaiting to erupt, if people have no jobs and no jobs equals no money what is this world going to come to. Technology is for the better when it benefits everybody not just one group of people, the rich get richer while the poor get poorer a saying that some’s up the society we’re living in. We see from the “Machine Stops” Vashti looking up to the Machine as her God and when the machine finally came to a stop it’s like her life came to an end. Vashti even neglected going to see her son because she didn’t want to her “Machine run” community to go into the real world where her son lived.

The article from the “Consultancy Firm PwC”, stated that “Average pre-tax incomes should rise due to the productivity gains, but these benefits may not be evenly spread across income groups, researchers concluded”. This goes back to my point from the previous passage about the rich getting richer…… Only the rich folks that can afford to purchase these new machinery will benefit from these new technological equipment’s. What about the people that need that two and three jobs to survive, who will provide for their needs. This is just the beginning there will be more and more new ideas which will bring new inventions that we have no say in regards to the creation. My point doesn’t attack technology it’s the use of the technology that’s my main focus, for instance if they created so much destructive weaponries maybe we would be leaving in a more peaceful world.

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  • Reserve outline- recognizing paragraphs and putting them  into groups

Don’t judge the book by the cover

Winston Smith wants to break free from “Big Brother” and “the party”, he believe that if everyone decided to go against the system that they would have a chance of changing things in Oceania . Winston knew that  having thoughts about going against the system was punishable by death or a long time in prison, this was considered to be thought crimes. Julia who ends up falling for Winston also wants to be free but unlike Winston she doesn’t think that party can be overthrown.

Winston is a protagonist in his late 30’s who has his own point of view on life , he tend to hold on to memories of his life by writing important details in his diary. Big brother the ruler of Oceania plans to rewrite Oceania history by editing known history replacing it with lies. People of Oceania were being fed with lies but nobody had the guts to question the party mainly because of the consequences they would face for being convicted of a thought crime. During a 2 minutes of hate session Winston began double thinking he then looked over and noticed O’Brien, he always felt like O’Brien had thoughts of beating the system. “until this moment you had never considered what is meant by existence”(42), O’Brien is a member of the thought police but Winston had no idea he’s trying to manipulate Winston.

Winston never liked Julia at first he always thought she was a member of the thought police because she fit the description of a modern day thought police. When Julia started showing her interest toward Winston , he became more open and less suspicious of her. “The one thing that matters is that we shouldn’t betray one another”(28) Winston wants Julia loyalty. Winston and Julia both were guilty of a crime going against Big brother.

Winston thought that O’Brien would be a good person to turn to for help to go against “Big Brother” and the party only to find out later that O’Brien was apart of the thought police. Julia on the other hand who Winston was suspicious of being a member of the thought police place her life on the line for Winston cosigning with his thoughts of being rebellious. 

Essay #1

Many people in today’s society are willing to spend their very last dollar to fit in and keep up with society standards. There’s a long list of things people go out their way to obtain from Shoes, Electronics ,etc. Everybody wants to be like somebody they admire forgetting about their  own individuality and instead of trying to stand out they rather fit in.”Brave New World,” by Aldous Huxley is based on a society that was designed by man to be perfect. The people that resided in that community was programmed to in caste system from birth, everybody just abide by what they had to do not being being able to be their true selves.Bernard who was apart of that society felt like their was more to life and wanted to be his true self.

Bernard is a young alpha male who feels like an out caste among his peers because of his size being shorter than the average alpha’s. He wants to fit in an feel like a regular Alpha but his insecurity wont let him. Unlike the others that lived in that community Bernard was one few people that thought for them self ,questioning certain things that wasn’t suppose to be questioned. When people had a bad day or felt unhappy they took a drug called “soma” which was supposed to make them happy, but even with the use of soma Bernard problems still wasn’t fixed. One day in the men’s changing room Bernard over heard two guys talking about Lenina which got him angry because he likes her. In this society everyone was thought that “everyone belongs to everyone else” (pg40) ,so having emotion which leads to attachment wasn’t allowed to keep the community stable “Ending is better than mending (pg47). Relationships was forbidden they wanted everyone to be sexually open to all so that way feelings, thought of two people coming together to start a family would exist.

Bernard sent a letter to the director for approval to visit the reservation in Mexico. The director didn’t approve then proceeded by telling Bernard about his experience there years ago, but told him if he do decide to go bring a female along with him. Bernard decided to take Lenina with him, Shortly after their arrival Lenina realized that she forgot her soma. Lenina was disgusted by the environment and what she seen ” he’s so old “,she said after seeing an old man from the camp.The place where Lenina and Bernard came from they didn’t see any old folks, the thought of growing old and having to die didn’t exist to keep everyone happy. Bernard and Lenina came across a young man name John, he was different from the others in appearance and was seen as an out caste in that community. John was the only one besides his mom who we were later introduced to who spoken English on the camp. John wanted to be whipped at a ceremony the Indians was performing to prove that he’s a man. John faced the same problem Bernard faced both feeling like outsiders who had to find a way to fit in. John then told the two that his mother Linda wasn’t from the camp and that she had came with his father when she got lost and was rescued by the villagers from the camp. This information alarmed Bernard finding it very similar to the story the director told him. John then took the two back to house to meet his mother.

Linda was originally from the central London hatcheries where Bernard and Lenina resided, she felt rescued when the two arrived. Bernard and Lenina decided to take the two back to Central London. When they arrived back Linda quickly recognized the director known as Thomakin. John then calls out to Thomakin “father” , the director was humiliated by everyone laughing because the thought of having a family didn’t exist. Linda, John and Thomakin were the closest to what would be considered a family. John was hoping that this “Brave New World” will have place where could fit in and be himself. John doesn’t like the new world that much his mom is already in the hospital from a soma overdose. Since their return from the reservation in Mexico Bernard started to get more notice from his peers he finally felt like he was fitting in, but when john doesn’t want to be apart of Bernard skim that pisses Bernard of. John went to visit his mother in the hospital she later died. John was in rage “How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world.”(pg210) ,he yelled. John went on to tell them that soma is poison and that their slaves. A brawl then broke out between john and the group of Delta’s how could he dear disrespect soma. Helmholtz an Alpha who came across John previously found out that they both love “shakes spear”  intervened to help john in the brawl while Bernard stood there not knowing what to do.

Lenina still wants to fulfill her dream of sleeping with john, but john believes that a woman should belong to one man and fall in love the total opposite of what Lenina and the others believed. She once made sexual advancements towards him, John pushed her away ” damn whore, a strumpet” (pg194). John , Helmholtz and Bernard were held accountable for the brawl and a form of punish will be relocation. John went to talk to Mustafa Mond one of the world leaders, their main  discussion was based on  religion. John asked Mond “it is natural to feel the existence of God”(pg218), people believe what they are programmed to believe. John that doesn’t want to live in a perfect society he wants ” God, poetry, real danger, freedom, goodness, and sin,” (pg224) those things lead to unhappiness, said Mond.

Both John and Bernard wanted to own their individuality, while being able to fit in their society. Bernard had a hard time fitting in because of his size , he wanted to fit in and feel like a regular Alpha male. When he returned from Mexico he didn’t fully own his individuality but he was will able to fit with John by his side. John owns his individuality he wants to able to grow old and have a family , praise God, etc. Even though john knew what he wanted he wasn’t able to fit in the World State Society because their lack of individuality. This leaves with the question is it best to fit in or be your own individual?.

There will Come Soft Rain

“There Will Come Soft Rain” by Ray Bradbury is a short science fiction based story focusing on a futuristic house dated August 4, 2026 which performed various task throughout the day.The day was suppose to be a good day for various reasons, “Today is Mr.Feather stone’s birthday,Today is the anniversary of Tilita’s marriage ,Insurance is payable, as are the water, gas, and light bills”(page1). Things took an unexpected turn causing the day to go from good to bad with the destruction of the house.

The house was once home to a family proof of photographs left behind suggested that , its almost like a disasters took place causing the family to abandon their home,”The house stood alone in a city of rubble and ashes.This was the one house left standing”(page1). The how now functioned by itself from allowing entry to only some creatures making to making breakfast. There were regulations towards the house intruders wasn’t allowed to even touch the house as if it was sacred. Even though Humans didn’t live in the house it was still a home for the animals that took over such as  Giraffes, Antelopes and lions.

“Mrs. McClellan, which poem would you like this evening”, asked the house waiting for a response but there were complete silence. Mrs.McClellan might have been a member of the family that previously lived in the house.When casualty strikes and the house caught on fire the animals tried their best to put the fire out but didn’t succeed.


Brave New World (extra credit )

The 1980 Film Brave New World shows how the factory operates , they had  unique signs they used to communicate with each other. Special information were shared only with the Alphas because they were most cherished being at the top of the caste. Bernard and John were from different parts of the world but faced similar situations. They were both in search of finding a place in society.They both thought for themselves unlike the others who didn’t want to think beyond which they considered blaspheming.

The film started of with a group Alphas were being lectured by the director , he was showing them a film about how life was for people before they created the perfect community. The group were disgusted by what they seen people suffering from poverty , mothers giving birth and the kids eating from the floor had the Alphas ready to throw up. “Females gave viviparous birth”, like animals said of the student. The director said that he’s 50 years old but looked relatively young, due to them not aging in this perfect community. Bernard is a Alpha male who wasn’t satisfied because of his height compared to the other Alpha males, Bernard was adventurous he wanted to visit the reservation of mexico. He asked for approval from the director to visit the camp. The director didn’t want Bernard to go to the camp telling him about his experience there years ago ,but he told him if he do go take a female with him.

Bernard decided to take Lenina to Mexico , after their arrival to the reservation Lenina was disgusted after seeing a old man “he’s so old ” she said. Lenina wasn’t use to seeing old people because back in her community nobody aged. Lenina asked for some soma to help her calm down from her anxieties ” I’ve probably caught one of yall diseases” she said , no  your pregnant replied one of the woman that lived on the camp. Those words sent Lenina into a shock its almost like she was amused. One the other hand while Lenina was traumatized Bernard was quite calm and open to what was going on around him.

Bernard and Lenina came across John who’s mother was Linda , John told them about his mother not being from the reservation. Linda felt rescue when she found out Bernard and Lenina came from the other place. Bernard and Lenina decided to take the two back with them. When they returned to the factory and Linda recognized The director and quickly went over to give him a hug. The director was embarrassed after john called him father all the students laughed, they found it quite funny. Bernard began getting noticed more by his peers since his return  from the reservation and its almost like he’s using John to help him fit in.

John was trying to fit in within this new society but he wasn’t use to the things that he was witnessing in the factory its like he almost viewed them as robots the way they spoke and act was in a orderly manor. John was used to seeing people think and act on their own free will. John likes Lenina but doesn’t makes any effort to sleep with her which made her feel less of herself. He only wants to be with one female but Lenina is used to sleeping around with different men which changed John view towards her. Linda who ended up in the hospital from a overdose on drug later died causing John to go into rage causing a brawl. John ,Bernard and Helmholts were held accountable and punishment would be deportation to another island.

They were all sent to different location ,Bernard went to island while john decided to stay in a house in the country side. John whipped himself everyday as a form of punishment. Even thought Bernard and John came from different place they both had a hard task trying to fit in a society.



Brave New World 1-18

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley starts of with a group of kids that were witnessing how babies were being produced in a lab. Since mothers no longer gave birth to babies with technology they can now produce up to 96 babies in what would’ve been one.The group was told of the caste system in which the babies were organized in beginning with Alpha , Betas ,Gammas, Delta and Epsilons being at the bottom. The babies future were determined before they could decide,those from the higher level of the caste system like the Alphas and Betas would have better jobs working in the labs compared to the babies lower in the caste like the Delta and Epsilons who would have to work in the factories.

Through the first few chapters of the text we were introduced to many different characters one of which that had a big impact was Bernard who worked as a physiologist. Bernard was apart of the highest group in the system Alphas, even thought most of the Alphas were happy Bernard wasn’t he felt like an out cast regarding to his size compared to the other Alpha males. Bernard felt there was way more to explore in life, he went to director of the hatching center to ask for permission to visit the savage reservation in new mexico, the director turned down Bernard request telling him about his own experience going to the savage camp (Huxley, A pg87), “I had the same idea as you,” the Director was saying. “Wanted to have a look at the savages. Got a permit for New Mexico and went there for my summer holiday. With the girl I was having at the moment. She was a Beta-Minus, and I think” (he shut his eyes), “I think she had yellow hair. Anyhow she was pneumatic, particularly pneumatic; I remember that. Well, we went there, and we looked at the savages, and we rode about on horses and all that. And then–it was almost the last day of my leave–then … well, she got lost. We’d gone riding up one of those revolting mountains, and it was horribly hot and oppressive, and after lunch we went to sleep. Or at least I did. She must have gone for a walk, alone. At any rate, when I woke up, she wasn’t there. And the most frightful thunderstorm I’ve ever seen was just bursting on us. And it poured and roared and flashed; and the horses broke loose and ran away; and I fell down, trying to catch them, and hurt my knee, so that I could hardly walk. Still, I searched and I shouted and I searched. But there was no sign of her. Then I thought she must have gone back to the rest-house by herself. So I crawled down into the valley by the way we had come. My knee was agonizingly painful, and I’d lost my soma. It took me hours. I didn’t get back to the rest-house till after midnight. And she wasn’t there; she wasn’t there,” the Director repeated. There was a silence. “Well,” he resumed at last, “the next day there was a search. But we couldn’t find her. She must have fallen into a gully somewhere; or been eaten by a mountain lion. Ford knows. Anyhow it was horrible. It upset me very much at the time. More than it ought to have done, I dare say. Because, after all, it’s the sort of accident that might have happened to any one; and, of course, the social body persists although the component cells may change.” But this sleep-taught consolation did not seem to be very effective. Shaking his head, “I actually dream about it sometimes,” the Director went on in a low voice. “Dream of being woken up by that peal of thunder and finding her gone; dream of searching and searching for her under the trees.” He lapsed into the silence of reminiscence.” He then warned Bernard that if he heard anything any lapse from a proper standard of infantile decorum he would have to transfer him to Iceland. Bernard wasn’t going to let the director stop his quest so he left for mexico with Lenina. Shortly after arrival they witnessed a ritual in which a young man was being whipped , they were approached by a savage who’s name was john. John was white and spoke English unlike the others there, john then tells Bernard about his mother Linda she wasn’t from the reservation camp (Huxley, A pg122), ” Linda had come from the Other Place long ago, before he was born, with a man who was his father. She had gone walking alone in those mountains over there to the North, had fallen down a steep place and hurt her head. Some hunters from Malpais had found her and brought her to the pueblo. As for the man who was his father, Linda had never seen him again. His name was Tomakin He must have flown away.” Bernard found john story similar to the story Thomas (The Director) told him. Bernard asked john and Linda  to go back with him, when they arrived back to the city Linda pointed out Thomas as the father to her son. john became very popular , his mother ingested a large dose of soma which she later died from. John breaks out in rage telling everyone that they were slaves and soma was bad for them, a brawl broke out between john and the workers Helmholtz then jumped in to help john while Bernard stood shook not knowing what to do.They were all held accountable Bernard and Helmholtz were shipped to different islands but john choose to stay in a deserted house in the country side he whipped himself as a form of punishment , a crowd then showed up demanding john to do the stunt for them (Huxley, A pg241), “Just a few words from you, Mr. Savage with a series of ritual gestures.” The following morning when they returned to interview john they found him hanging.

Brave New World had so much twist to it from them trying to create a perfect community where everyone would be happy, with babies  being produced in a lab in a caste system .throughout the text we seen that even with the technology and aspiration they still couldn’t achieve their overall goal. The curiosity of Bernard led to series of events in which ended the story with chaos and tragedies.

class notes for 2/21/17

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recap on the Machine stop and Metropolis

  • utopia / dysotopia
  • religious imagery
  • doubling / cloning

Important points that was mentioned 

  • Science fiction tends to have an ideology
  • (Aesthetic) was shown in both stories


  • Explicit – something that’s directly stated
  • Implicit – something that’s not directly stated
  • Claim – making an argument
  • Foreshadow – hint given that help you predict whats going to happen
  • Efficient –  achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort

Characters from Brave New World

  • Bernard – (Alpha) feels like an outsider from his group
  • Helmholtz – (Alpha) smart gets all the ladies
  • Musthapha Mond = – one of the 10 world leaders

Brave New World

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley , shows how a futuristic society  tried to create a community  where everyone is happy. With the use of science women no longer gave birth babies where produced in the science lab . In the begining of the story a scientist name Henry Ford  took a group of kids to a lab where he displayed to them how humans were being produced, “And this, said the Director opening the door, is the Fertilizing Room” as spoke telling the kids the procedures they wrote the words down as soon as they came out his mouth , “Each of them carried a notebook, in which, whenever the great man spoke, he desperately scribbled. Straight from the horse’s mouth”. it was such a privilege for the group of kids that listen to scientist as he spoke.

In the Laboratory the babies where group in a caste system with Alphas being at the top followed by Beta, Gamma, Delta, and the bottom Epsilon. The eggs excluding Alphas and Beta undergoes a process that causes the egg to divide “One egg, one embryo, one adult-normality. But a bokanovskified egg will bud, will proliferate, will divide. From eight to ninety-six buds, and every bud will grow into a perfectly formed embryo, and every embryo into a full-sized adult. Making ninety-six human beings grow where only one grew before. Progress.” They could even produce up to 96 human beings from what would’ve been one. The kids were then taken to a room where a group of babies of the lower class “Delta” on the floor, in front the babies were books and flowers. The babies received a shock from an electrified strip on ground, these babies would eventually grow up to dislike nature and book and most likely will be doing factory work when they grow up on the other hand babies on the top of the system such as Alpha had a brighter future planned for them. “We decant our babies as socialized human beings, as Alphas or Epsilons, as future sewage workers or future … He was going to say “future World controllers,” but correcting himself, said “future Directors of Hatcheries.” As the group made their way outside the ran into Mustapha one of the 10 world leaders .

Mustapha Mond explain to the kids how mothers gave birth to babies in  the past and how they would grow up and lived with their family , the kids were disgusted . They didn’t have any idea what he was talking about they were more comfortable watching and hearing about babies being born in a lab. Even thought the main goal of the scientist were to make everyone happy in a perfect community not everyone was satisfied. Bernard who was apart of the Alpha society wasnt satisfied with his body size being smaller than the men in his caste, he felt left out. Benito noticed that bernard looked annoyed and offered him a drug called soma that would make him happy.

The reading raises a lot of questions one of which i have to ask is what is the definition of happiness ,  why couldn’t all  the babies that were being produce have equal role in the community. Even with the help of technology people that were at the higher rank in the caste system still wasn’t happy  for example Bernard. People can dream or try to create a world where everything is perfect sort of a utopian environment but things will never be perfect  based on reality.