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Artificial intelligence is a broad and very complex concept that is applied in everyday life and also has an effect on various things or tasks that we perform in everyday life also. Like for example it has an effect on how we shop or perform jobs that requires objects or machinery also. Artificial intelligence is also something that can be found within many areas, which could be computers, weapons, video games and many other areas or concepts. Artificial intelligence is also something that has been around for a long time and it continually develops and improves over time. One of the main aspects that artificial intelligence can be found in would be video games. In the world of video games it is also something that has been improving throughout the years and introduces people to new innovations. It coincides with artificial intelligence because it is used when creating the story and characters that are found within the games. Also use of AI in games actually affects how players would think of possible solutions to solve problems as it improves their thinking and help them improve in certain areas that pertains to the brain as they apply that in the real world.

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Revised Proposal

So for this project I think I am going to go with artificial intelligence. I am thinking of choosing this topic because it is something we are surrounded by everyday, especially at this time and age where it is more advanced. Also as the years keep on passing it will get more advanced as well. Throughout the years when we first had cell phones we could only use it for basic stuff like calling or texting or even internet and we had to do all of those by ourselves. Nowadays if we say “Siri” or “google search” or some other thing on our smart phones it can perform functions like that and also other functions like calling, etc. It is because the phones have their own intelligence and we are using it for our needs. AI is also used in many other various uses like the military uses it or scientists uses it or others as well. Some aircrafts or weapons can function through artificial intelligence. It is interesting because AI can be both beneficial to humans or even have negative effects on humans. It can be beneficial because we use it for many uses and as we develop it and it gets to be more advanced it can be focused on bigger things like trying to prevent wars or help out with world hunger or even be used to develop new other things like better technology. The negatives about AI would be that it can overpower us if we are not too careful because since it is a concept or a being that is in the realm of intelligence than it can use that to do something that can be harmful or bad.

Since we have smart phones that contain artificial intelligence, that concept or idea can be used to create something a little similar like smart homes or smart factories which can than make countries who would be able to have that sort of technology in their possessions much more advanced and better as well. Not only does AI be able to operate in terms of data being used but it can also be able to learn by it’s ownself so that it can improve. It can even be possible that it would surpass human capabilities despite the fact that this was created by humans itself. Various countries like Singapore applies the concept of using AI which helped influenced the way they deal¬†with the economics, schooling and other aspects of their society by use of data.





Reflection- So far I found this topic to be interesting because this is something that we deal with everyday. As I was doing research for this project I got to learn more about it and also was able to expand my knowledge on this topic as well. I was able to learn what positives and what negatives that artificial intelligence has to offer. Also it is interesting because of the way it has developed throughout the years. I remember growing up and it was not nearly as advanced but as I got older, it got to be really advanced and sophisticated. I am hoping in this project that I can learn more and there are still things I need to improve on also.

Blog- Proposals, Draft

For this project since I am just getting started I am not to sure of the main, specific topic I would want to use yet but I have some ideas for some. I am hoping to be able to choose a good one and be able to learn more as I go through this process. Some possible topics I have in might would be artificial intelligence, anime/manga, superheroes or nanotechnology.

The reason why I thought about using artificial intelligence because if we think about it we are actually surrounded by it. Like for example in phones Siri could be considered to be that. Also there are machines that are used for various events like when people go against a machine that can play chess or other things as well or even those vacuum cleaners that moves by itself that can clean automatically. It is also interesting because it would be good to find out how artificial intelligence can develop more into the future and what other uses can they be used for.

The reason I thought about anime/manga is because various works of it has science fiction or themes that connect to science fiction. Like for example in the anime called Cowboy Bebop it is about these four characters who lives life and hunts bounties while they are in space and they are exploring other planets while doing so. Also various other anime uses science fiction themes as well like magic, cloning, etc. It can be considered important because it is a kind of art and having art in this world helps to bring life and it is interesting to explore how these authors think about their ideas using other subjects or topics around them.

The reason why I thought about superheroes is because when watching movies that have superheroes they do things that is heavily related to science that is considered to be fiction. Like for example Superman has inhumane strength and heat vision and other powers which is not considered real yet these types of superhero movies deal with the realm of science.

The reason why I thought about nanotechnology is because that is also something that is applied in everyday life and also it can be very important in life as well. Like for example nanotechnology can be used in the field of medicine, which can be used in the creation of medicine or other drugs. Nanotechnology uses cells, atoms and molecules so that it can be used for synthesis of various materials. It is also used when trying to do research as well.

Reading Response#11: Westworld episode one

In the a new science fiction series called Westworld that shows from HBO, it is about a world in which it applies robotics or androids and also different views of the world. So far a part of it takes place in a old timeframe in which it is the wild west and even though it takes place in a time like that there are different types of organisms other than normal human beings so far as observed when watching the first episode. But the actual place that in takes place in could be in some laboratory in the near future. The world is created by humans and the people living in that world are created by them as well.

It was interesting in the beginning when the female by the name of Deloris who was being interviewed by some man said how people views the world by seeing the ugly side of it but she rather views the beauty which can be found in the world instead. It helps to describe a part of her personality and character because of the viewpoints she has. It shows that the creations have their own thinking and that they use the experiences to try and shape who they are but they are still creations who are still not in full control of themselves.

Around ten minutes into the show it talks about something called chance encounters and the person who was narrating about it being a wrong aspect was saying that it does not happen but rather the people of her world was suited for a purpose that coincides with something else. There are groups of certain people and one of them is named the newcomers in which they are different from the type of people that Deloris is in because they possess different traits.

People and even animals are created by other people in a place where they observe their movements and memories and makes modifications and observations on them as well. Like for example when they observed a woman who does a certain kind of figure gesture with her mouth and that woman was one of the ladies from the bar who sells her body. Memories from the subjects are looked at and also their actions as well when they were in the other world that was created.

In around twenty five minutes we observe how the narrative and part of¬†the story from the beginning has changed in ways like for example the newcomer who takes Deloris away now meets her by picking up the can she drops and giving it to her and it shows¬†that the situation is something new and what happened before was something else. Afterwards in that particular world when Deloris was painting and¬†she sees the boy, the boy tells¬†asks her if she is one of those, the people¬†who are “not real”. This could mean that maybe the different world can be real or not because of observations like that. Also the father finds a buried photo of a woman and¬†the setting around it¬†looks more futuristic and¬†he never seen anything like that, but Deloris knew and she had to act as though she¬†never seen that before.

So far Westworld is interesting show because they use different types of storylines and creations of characters and how they apply that within their own world.

Reading Response#10: Parable of the Sower(chapter 14-23)

As the science fiction text Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler continues on, the story shows how Lauren and some others began to truly interact with the world outside of what they were accustomed to before the events that lead them to survive and journey outside in the neighborhood. As Lauren progresses as an outsider now she starts to feel more and the actions she commits has an effect on her empathy as well. She assembles and gathers people who want to live and are good as well to be apart of her group and that is where she starts teaching and introducing to them the fundamentals of her belief system called Earthseed.

As Lauren and her family is resting peacefully one night, an invasion happens that was caused by the people from outside of the walls. They ended up burning down houses and killing the people for their goods. As Lauren gets attacked by one of the people, she actually ends up killing the attacker despite the hyperempathy she possesses. According to the book it says: “I shot him again, terrified that his pain would immobilize me when he did feel it. It seemed that he took a long time to die.”(154). In this situation that Lauren encounters an enemy her hyperempathy is put to the test because she was in a life or death situation. Even though she felt a lot of pain from killing the man that tried to kill her, she realizes that despite the fact of feeling for others her own survival is more essential because she is the type of person living in a bad world who has compassion.

Lauren’s beliefs and views that she calls Earthseed was a concept that was created and thought up by her because of the experiences she has been through and observed. Also she based it from her own understanding and as she tries to convince her group of people to embrace themselves in it, they became a community in which despite being different genders or races they still found sanctuary within one another. According to the book it says: “Embrace Diversity Or be destroyed”(196). This was one of the saying from the teachings of Earthseed and in this saying it emphasizes that if people learn to accept one another despite the differences they can live in harmony and also they can be able to fight well against what can threaten them as well. In the community they embrace concepts like this because that was what made them survive as a group and also learn to respect one another and be able to be different in a world where it is filled with a harsh reality surrounding them.

As Lauren and her group continues to progress in their travels they observe various disturbing events that they find to be horrific and think that why would the world be in a state like that. According to the book it says: “You keep up a steady pace, keep your eyes open, and try to look both too¬†intimidating to bother and invisible.”(272). This quote is describing that in order to travel through cities, you would have to do it in a certain way so you can be safe and avoid dangerous situations. This symbolizes that in the world¬†there is hardly anywhere that is safe and those¬†places that are actually safer,¬†people would still have to be careful and¬†go easy when trying to survive.


Reading Response#9: Parable of the Sower

In the book “Parable of the Sower” by Octavia Butler, it revolves around the main character named Lauren who has a type of empathy for others. In the story the community is separated and the people living outside the walls are under harsh conditions. Like for example there are dead bodies around the streets and water costs a lot of money, even more than gasoline. The setting of the story¬†takes place in California.

Throughout this book, in the beginning it had themes that tied to religious beliefs that dealt with believing in God and the different meanings of what God is according to people. According to the book it says: “Some say God is a spirit, a force, an ultimate reality. Ask seven people what all of that means and you’ll get seven different answers.”(Butler,15). In this quote it is saying that the people have different perceptions of what God could be and a reason for that can probably be because of the fact that the setting takes place in a time where the groups of people are separated and they live differently as well. Like in the city there is the area where the streets are filled with corpse around and other violent or¬†disturbing images and then the gated area where the main character leaves from to get baptized and because of this it shows that¬†the situations that is happening in¬†California would mean that the people would view religion differently and also have different meanings of what God can be to them because of the events surrounding them as well.

The main character Lauren possess a hyper empathy in which she can feel the pain of others. When she observes others are hurt or bleeding, she would experience pain similar to that and that is what makes her feel the pain of others. Even though she possess an ability like that she does have a lot of dislike for the neighborhood because of all of the bad things that go on in it and the violence that takes place. She also wants to create her own set of beliefs and be able to spread that knowledge to people to create a better life.¬†According to the book it says: “The particular God-is-Change belief system that seems right to me will be called Earthseed.”(77). In this quote it describes how Lauren wants to name the religion she decides to try to establish one day Earthseed because she feels that would be appropriate for her as it matches with her beliefs and understandings. It shows that she has found her own meaning of what God is to her and it also shows that she believes in something that would apply and match with the empathy she feels for others and would be a good thing as well.

One other theme that can be part of the story could be hopelessness because even though the main character feels that she can find a way, the circumstances so far in the story looks to be that way because of all the tragic events that take place. According to the book it says: “Doesn’t it even bother you that you took someone’s life-you killed a man?” (110). In this quote it is a conversation between Lauren and Keith in which they discuss how Keith is living life outside the walls. This situation shows that there is hopelessness because Keith have in to his own selfish desires and became the thing that Lauren dislikes which was to be like the evil people from the neighborhoods outside the walls. When Keith had killed that kind man who was going to Alaska, it shows that there was no kindness for others despite the fact that he was friendly to him and actually talked but since he had money it also shows that the people survive best by taking from others regardless of what type of interactions they have.

This book is interesting so far because there are various themes and the way the story goes and how the characters develops is also quite interesting to look at as well.

Reflective Blog#8: City Tech Science Fiction Archive

In class on 4/6/17, we went to the library and explored an archive that had various works of science fiction. That archive is known as the City Tech science archive. I thought that in class when we got to go to the library and have the class take place in the science fiction archives was interesting. I thought that it was interesting because it is the first time in my college life that I have seen some sort of archive inside a college or even rather a library actually. Also even though the area seem a little bit smaller, there was a lot of pieces of works and books of science fiction and it was some works that dates to years back as well.

When we started, we got to learn about how the archive was formed. It was a funny story because they expected shipments of the science fictions works on a certain date but it came earlier than expected. It was interesting how they got the works from a person who was a science fiction enthusiast from California which means that the books were in boxes and they were many of those. It took them many weeks to get all of that sorted out but eventually they finished it.

As we continued on, we were introduced to what was called “magazines”, which were little books of science fiction stories. They were old versions of stories that were written many years ago and they got that old book smell as well. The magazine I got was called “Analog Science Fact Fiction” and we got like three or four different versions of those types of books. I noticed that even though the titles were similar, they seem to contain many different science fiction stories within each magazines. I seen that the author by the name of George R.R Martin wrote one of the stories that was inside one of those articles. The story was called “The Plague Star” which was written in 1985. I found that it was interesting that this particular author wrote a story in one of these magazines because I know that this was the same person who wrote Game of Thrones.

When I got to explore the archives with my group, it was a good experience because I got to see some of the various works of science fiction that was contained in there. I observed that some of the books were in a certain kind of plastic that is usually used to help preserve the books. Also they are used because some of the books are in fragile conditions where they can be ruined more easily if they are used in a manner that would cause that. When I was exploring the archives I seen a book that had a picture of a monster or creature that might have been or looked like Nosferatsu and I remember that character from a classic movie I had seen once in highschool. Also there are a lot if other interesting works written by many great authors during the years.


Class Notes for 4/6/17

-Feel free to add on anything that I might be missing.

-In this class, it took place in the library in the CityTech’s archives, which was in room 543.

-Archive: a place where historical documents, books or papers are kept so that they can get passed down for future generations.

-We learned various information about the college itself like the Atrium building being opened 30 years ago. Also in 1946 City Tech was originally an applied school for arts and sciences and it was also created for people who fought after World War II. Also in 1970 it was a community college before.

-In the City Tech’s archives there are around 4,000 or more¬†works of science fiction¬†inside of it. It was acquired from¬†California from a science fiction enthusiast who offered them. Two professors named Allen Lovegreen and Jason Ellis made it possible for the college to be able to acquire all those books.

-The story was that it was supposed to be delivered around a certain date but it ended up coming earlier than expected which was tough for the people to organize. Books would be scattered in various places in offices and it took the people several weeks to arrange them and put them on shelves.

-This website¬†has information on the City Tech’s archives and also¬†on youtube if you type in “The City Tech¬†Science Fiction Collection”, you would see a video in which they describe it.

-An example of two authors that was mentioned in that session by the kind man who gave us information about the archives would be Charles Belmont and George Clayton Johnson and they were science fiction authors who had great works. Like for example George Clayton Johnson helped write the first episode of star trek. Also when you want to view or explore the archives you must schedule an appointment and you are allowed to work with the books but you can not rent them and must stay in archives area when using them as well.

-In class also the students got to see some books and we touched them and smelled them as well and they felt old-fashioned because they were older works. Each group was given books or magazines to work with. The magazines are different than what we are usually used to because they are smaller and actually look like actual books. We also got handouts with various questions like for example about “Pulps” and questions based on the magazines we received and we had to use tablets to research it. We also got to explore the archives in groups and it was interesting because of the amount to science fiction books and works one can find in there.

-Visceral: Embodied reaction to something.

-Also essay#2 is due at the time when we come back from break. This essay is actually a more personal essay in which we would describe what we have experienced in the class and about how our knowledge has changed in terms of science fiction. (Can check this website for essay#2 for more information.) Read Parable of the Sower as well because when we get back from break we are going to discuss this text.

-Also reflection blog due as well.

-Hope everyone enjoys their spring break!



Reading Response Blog#7:1984

In the text Nineteen Eighty-Four, the story continues off from Winston still living in the depressing conditions that the party and society still has to offer. He is than interacting with another character by the name of Julia and she is also another member of the party that they are both apart of. They both have and affair and make love and they do it in secret because that type of stuff is forbidden for certain reasons in Oceania. Also Winston has flashbacks of the last time he seen his mother and that he felt responsible for her death which shows that he is thinking on a human approach and trying to remember things in a difficult situation of living in the society he is apart of now.

Winston and Julia start to have a affair and have sexual exchanges in opportunities that they find when they can be able to. According to the book it says: “There were evenings when they reached their rendezvous and then had to walk past another without a sign, because a patrol had just come round the corner or a helicopter was hovering overhead.”(page, 131). This describes how the two of them had to keep their affair a secret and be stealthy about it so that they would not get caught and penalized for it. This means that both of these characters want to live their lives in a way where they don’t follow the unjust standards and rulings of the society that they are living in. What the two of them are doing shows that they are actually being more human because this symbolizes a kind of love between the characters. It shows that they don’t respect and they have a dislike of what is going on around them and they want to be different from that.

In the text there is also mention of something called “Hate Week”, in which it seems to be a kind of tradition in which the people would demonstrate their dislike and usually there are meetings and other workings that the ministry processes it for it and Winston works a lot on that as well. Also a man by the name of Syme vanished, which would mean that he got vaporized and his existence from¬†the society is no more. According to the book it says: “It looked almost exactly as it had looked before-nothing had been crossed out-but it was one name shorter. It was enough. Syme had ceased to exist; he had never existed.”(page,151). This means that whenever someone¬†in the¬†party is getting rid of the existence of their lives and records would be¬†erased like Syme being part of the Chess committee. It shows that¬†the time and society that they are living in is unjust because¬†they would get rid of records¬†or evidence of the existence of another person which shows a type of corruption.

Later on when Winston was talking with O’Brien, he than gets a book from him and joins a brotherhood that is against the ideals of the party. Than afterwards he and Julia get captured. According to the book it says: “It occurred to Winston that for the first time in his life he was looking¬†, with knowledge, at a member of the¬†Thought Police.”(page, 230).¬†When Winston notices that it was the homeless man Mr.Charrington that helped aided in his capture to be one of the¬†Thought Police, it shows¬†that they were not safe from anyone or¬†anything and they could not avoid Big Brother and the society even though they were careful about it. It also symbolizes that no matter the actions that¬†they commit secretly that they were going to get caught regardless and that they are always watched, it’s just they don’t realize it.

It was a crazy turn of events that happened towards the end of this part of the book because it shows that the society has a way of finding out things in ways that many would least expect it. It will be interesting to find out what will happen to Winston and Julia.

Reading Response Blog#6: Nineteen Eighty-Four Part I(1-65)

In the science fiction text “Nineteen Eighty-Four” by George Orwell, it takes place in the year 1984 and it revolves around a character by the name of Winston. The setting of this story takes place in Oceania and the government of that area is divided into four ministries which are the Ministry of Truth, Ministry of Peace, Minister of Plenty and Minister of Love and¬†each of these four ministries performs¬†and are involved with different functions which plays a role in their societies.

In this story, there is a slogan that represents that society which would be “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength”. In this society, there are certain things that are not allowed like thinking bad thoughts about the government or leaderships. According to the book it says: “Your name was removed from the registers, every record of everything you had ever done was wiped out, your one-time existence was denied and then forgotten. You were abolished, annihilated: vaporized was the usual word.”(page 19). The society has something called the Thought Police and there duty is to get rid of the people who would have ill thoughts or did something that opposed what is called “Big Brother”. They would be able to catch a person that did that even though it might seem they did not commit whatever was done and they would be removed from the society as a way to preserve it. Also these types of acts are known to be thought crimes which is a form of treason and opposition.

In Oceania, the adults who have children are actually known to be more fearful of their kids. According to the book it says: ” What was worst of all was that by means of such organizations as the Spies they were systematically turned into ungovernable little savages, and yet this produced in them no tendency whatever to rebel against the discipline of the party.”(Page 25). This describes how the children are important in the society because they can be of use and also as they would grow older they would not have thoughts in terms of opposing the government but rather be an asset and make society better for them. Also regardless of the facts that they have parents they can still turn them in and make them get punished by the thought police which shows that many of the children are dangerous in a way.

The society seems to happen during dark times because of these various concepts and the norms that goes on around. There are also conflicts like wars with other nations as well but also the people living within seems to be facing hardships because of what can happen. According to the book it says: “Asleep or awake, working or¬†eating, indoors or out of doors, in the bath or in bed- no escape. Nothing was your own except the few cubic¬†centimeters inside your skull.”(Page 27). This shows that there is not actually freedom in this society since they are being monitored regardless of what actions they perform, they can still be seen in various ways. It could mean that they are actually trapped¬†within and the only way they feel free is with just living even though the society does not really provide¬†for that.

Overall this text is interesting because of the type of society and timeframe that it takes place in.