A crushed Utopia

In Brave New World, a person from outside of civilization, John, is introduced to the civilized world of London.  From the beginning, his views of this civilized world is painted by his mother.  His mother at times would tell him about the “Other Place” where “everybody is happy and no one ever sad or angry, and every one belonging to every one else”(Hitchens, page 120).  Already, from this section of the quote from the book, Linda has painted a fanatical point of view of how the civilized world for her son to imagine which raises his expectations to be very high.  When he goes to bed, John would “think of  Heaven and London and Our Lady of Acoma and the rows and rows if babies in clean bottles and Jesus flying up and Linda flying up and the great Director of World hatcheries and Awonawilona”(Hitchens, page 120).  John daydreams of a paradise, a Utopia, by thinking of London, where his mother was from, together with Heaven, a happy place people go once they die.  Also, from this quote, John also imagining Linda flying up with being happy as she’s flying up with Jesus, similar to angels.  Finally, the rows of babies in bottles John imagines along with religious figures shows that he’s mixing both his idea of civilization, a paradise, and his culture’s religious figures together while imagining a happier place.  He imagines London to be more of an amazing place than it actually is.

However, as John was able to get to London, later on he encountered conflictions from what he understands which for him is horrifying.  Lenina, a girl that John had a crush on and viewed as very beautiful, approached him, but not understanding his shyness towards her, tried to push herself onto him, for in page 171 in the book, Lenina had also fallen for him to the point she was obsessed with him.  Unfortunately, her forwardness turn, in John’s eyes, herself from something like an angel to something wicked like a succubus.

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