• Grade break down: Participation 15%, Blogging 30%,Exam 10%, Essays 30%.
  • Please see the professor ASAP if you received a U or BL as mid-semester grade.
  • There will be 2 upcoming Extra credit opportunity.


  •      Writing guide lines 
  • In order to be a successful witter you need to have multiple drafts
  • Background vs Summary in essay intro (note that you want to give the reader a background on your essay not a summary).
  • Stitching plays a huge part in putting essay together piece by piece to form a solid essay.
  • Reserve outline- recognizing paragraphs and putting them  into groups

One thought on “

  1. Thank you Kelz for posting these notes. However, there is a lot of important information that we covered in our writing workshop (and in class) that isn’t here. Can you please revise ASAP to include the following:

    -provide an appropriate title for the post
    -provide information about the handouts I distributed in class and we discussed
    -discuss the “elements” of a successful essay we talked about, and the strategies (e.g., reverse outline) for revision we covered
    -information about the next class (e.g., visiting the Science Fiction Archive, where to meet: outside library entrance, Atrium 4th floor)

    Also, the course grade breakdown you have is incorrect, as it does not add up to 100%. As per the syllabus, Essays are worth 45% (not 30%).
    -other relevant information (about the extra credit winners, for “People’s Choice” and the Professor’s Choice comments)

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