1984 WAnalysis

From the opening chapter of the book, I gathered that Winston is our main character and he has a different outlook on life than everyone else. The story seems to take place is a dystopia type of environment,the government has the first and and last say on everything that goes on within the city. Big brother is always watching the citizens to make sure everyone is acting according to the rules and propaganda is forced into their heads 24 / 7.

The people live in dilapidated buildings, with horrible food and living conditions. The government doesn’t even care about this, they values their message much more. They devote their times into installing theres propaganda televisions throughout the city, they set up cameras everywhere to watch the citizens and they require everyone to be involved in this. Despite the obvious lack of care for the citizens, on the behalf of the government, the people never speak out or even dare to show unhappiness with the party due to fare. The society seems to be built and molded on the concept of fear and lies.

War is peace ,freedom is slavery ,ignorance is strength ( page 4), these are the official slogans of the Party, and are inscribed in massive letters on the white pyramid of the Ministry of Truth. This slogan combined with the constant propaganda, are what conform the minds of the citizens into believing the nonsense the leaders of the society are enforcing. With this, the party can get the people to accept whatever they are told no matter how illogical it is. All the people become pawns for the government, they are forced to live in a society that values everything but their well being or free will.

Winston is clearly one of the few people in the society who are aware of the deceit. in his hidden diary he express his emotions, despite knowing its an unpardonable crime. Subconsciously he acts out and revolts against big brother as he writes ” Down with big brother”(page 19). Being that that no one is allowed to keep physical records documenting the past, the  people can’t really challenge the government’s motivations, actions, and authority. Winston has slight memory of the times he was a child, before all the propaganda and history changes were implemented, which is why i believe he can see through the lies.  Winston has flash backs of the past in his dreams and is fully aware that the conditions he’s living in now aren’t the same as before.

This knowledge is very dangerous he, so he hides his thoughts from the though police, and tries his best to blend in with the society. Kind of like in zombie movies, people cover themselves in zombie blood and guts as a disguise, a way to blend in with the other zombies to escape death. Winston is trying his best at this point to stay low key and go unnoticed, because he is fully aware of what his disloyalty and non devotion to the Party will lead to. Torture/death or as they call it vaporization.”Names were removed from the registry, every record of you wiped out, your existence denied and then forgotten”( page 19)


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