Class Notes for January 29, 2015

First Impressions:

The first thing we did was pull out 3 pieces of paper. On the first sheet of paper, we drew a picture of the first thing we think of when we hear the word science fiction.

On the next piece of paper, we wrote the first word that came to mind when we think of science fiction.

On the third piece of paper, we answered questions, using free writing, and writing whatever first pops into our minds, which are usually stereotypes or assumptions.

The questions were:

What is science fictions?

Who is science?

What is fiction?

Who writes science fiction?

Who reads science fiction?

Why is our class dominated by males?

Why is the professor female?

Why are we taking this subject? Because we like it? Did we have to take it?

Is science fiction actually “literature?”

Who are some of our favorite science fiction writers or favorite science fiction entertainment like movies, tv, etc?

After writing for 15 minutes answering these questions, we then got into groups of four. Our pictures were given to the person on our right, and the word we chose was given to the person on our left. We then introduced ourselves to each other, and then exchanged information. We then discussed what we each wrote for the questions and then drew pictures and wrote words/phrases on a poster sheet. We then took a five minute break.

When the break ended, we got into a lopsided circle, and went around the room introducing ourselves to everyone, and talking about what we put on the posters. To start off, Professor Belli gave us a little background on herself. She has her doctorate and focuses on utopian studies for her research. She is the Co-Chair of the OpenLab site. She has played violin since the age of two, and used to play ice hockey, and is Sicilian, so she is not one to be messed with. A few of us questioned as to why she chose this course, and her response was that she requested to teach this course as Utopian studies often play a role in science fiction.

After Professor Belli introduced herself, the first group gave their introductions. The first group consisted of Leonel, Aaron, Zack, and Louis. Leonel and Zack are both in the Entertainment technologies major. Aaron lives in Brooklyn and is in Communication Designs. Louis in in Facilities Management and is a project manager for Con Edison.

The next group was comprised of Carl, Peter, Renee, and Jonathan. Carl is in Advertising/Communications Design and has a love of science fiction that stems from first reading HP Lovecraft. Peter is a polish Communications  Major who enjoys things created by Tolkien, particularly the Hobbit. Renee is a Graphics Design Major who enjoys Game Design, and likes the color red. Jonathan is a Hospitality Major but unfortunately has broken his glasses recently and is having trouble seeing.

Andrew, Donavon, Jonathan, and Serge made up the next group. Andrew is a Communications/Design Major and took this class because he liked the description and enjoys scifi. Jonathan and Donavon are both in Entertainment technology. Jonathan wants to work in lighting/be a gaffer, and also took the class because he enjoys scifi. Donavon likes science fiction as well. He plays piano classically. Serge is a Chemistry Major, and loves science fiction, mainly scifi movies. He is a fan of metal, flamenco, and classical music.

In our group, Randy is a Computer Systems Technology major.  Joel, Jose, and Chris are all in the Computer Engineering Technology Major. Joel loves scifi. Chris also loves scifi, particularly robots and the like. Jose is a Viola player but now plays the Guitar. Tahir is a Mechanical Engineering Technology major and is a coach/mentor for a robotics team.

The final gorup is made up of John, Eugene, Daniel, and Genesis. John is in the Architectural major and actually works in the field already. Eugene is a Computer Systems Technology major and is only taking this class because it is the only open class. He wants to get a hair cut, but doesn’t want to go to the barber. Daniel is in the Entertainment Technology Major. He enjoys making his own music and for a fun fact, his shoe size, is 11! Finally, Genesis, who is in Electrical Engineering, but is making a change to the Professional and Technical writing major. His favorite color is red.

After each saying what word we chose, the major theme seemed to be Space.

Once everyone went around the circle, the professor discussed the Syllabus.

Our booklist for the class will be posted online. We need to print out the short stories to be read in class.  Most of our grade will be based on our interactions and work done using OpenLab. When writing our blog notes, we need to be critical and analytical in our writings. Professor Belli then showed us how to navigate OpenLab to the courses home page, and the tabs. In the final minutes of class, we discussed what was needed to be done for homework and what was required for the next class.


Apologies for any misspelling with the names.



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