The Machine Stops Metropolis

I like my combination of the titles. When I started reading “The Machine Stops” I was very confused on what it was all about but then on page 2 there was a line that spoke to me “The Machine is much, but it is not everything”. I think it somewhat sums up the conflict between the Son Kuno and the mother Vashti and her obsessive addiction to The Machine. She is a slave to it and that fact cannot be even more relateable to what is happening in the real world now. Nowadays with all of the new technology and our smartphones we have become a slave to it, the machine. It does so much for us, like the machine, but we have become so dependent to it and made it a bad habit and isolated ourselves, like Vashti, from social interaction. “The Machine Stops” is an exaggerated example of the negative effects on the dependency of technology but I think we’re on that track.

Watching “Metropolis” was actually fun, the music helped a lot for me. I think a good score can make or break a film, but that is just my opinion but to me it really did give the story an extra spice. I see a similar concept in the sense I can relate the concepts to the real world. Greed of power and control can only lead to the revolt of the oppressed, how many times has that happened in the history of this earth. I can’t stop mentioning the music, I am infatuated with the rescore it really gave it a new layer to the classic film.


Met R.L. Stine last year, he came to City Tech to view "Wingman" in the V building Theater

Met R.L. Stine last year, he came to City Tech to view “Wingman” in the V building Theater

2014 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. I worked in setting up the floats for the parade and this one was my favoite. TMNT!!!

2014 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. I worked in setting up the floats for the parade and this one was my favoite. TMNT!!!

Hi I’m Leonel but you can just call me Leo. I’m an Entertainment Technology major, just a fancy way of saying “I’m the guy backstage that made your show experience awesome”. I work freelance as a lighting and sound technician for backstage entertainment, everything from broadway plays to even the thanksgiving parade (As seen above). Oh I thought I should show off that I met R.L. Stine last year as you can see from the picture, yeah I guess I can say he gave me…wait for it…Goosebumps! I also tried asking if I should turn to page 97 or 401…I don’t think he liked that joke. I love comic books, especially DC universe comics and especially Batman. Sci-fi has been my life since I could remember. The first Sci-fi related thing I remember ever experiencing was “Terminator 2” the movie and its been life ever since. My favorite Sci-fi flick till this day is still “The Fifth Element”, among other titles.

One of my weaknesses for sure in reading is loosing interest really quick in what I am reading, so it makes it hard to ever fully finish a book. My strengths has to be having many creative thoughts which really helps when it comes to writing, though I do have certain times where I draw a blank but that’s only human. I have been using OpenLab for at least 3 years now and I can say I’m no beginner at it. Sci-fi to me means the realm of two worlds, the realistic and unrealistic, combined by elements of an imaginative science. I like the questions of why a woman is teaching Sci-fi and why are a majority of men taking the course, I think society has made a sexist standard that only certain genders can like or do certain things. It has been taught since birth and growth that there is a certain role a gender has to play. Hence why there are so many men wanting to take the course and yet so few women, and the woman who doesn’t see the label of a certain subject that is generalized as a “man’s” interest like Sci-fi is the person teaching the course because there is no real label, society made it an imaginary label. One of my most recent Sci-fi favorite book is “The Last Days of Krypton” and I am eager to read all of my “Alien” saga books. What I’m expecting from this course is to learn a new side of Sci-fi.