Well That Was Sneaky

After finally finishing the book, there are so many different conclusions, points or questions that cross my mind. One point that I will definitely make is that¬†the people in this story are very sneaky. There are a few reasons on to why I think that. On chapter 16, Rachael tells Rick why she is there with him. She says on pg. 188, “I know Nexus-6 psychology. That’s why I’m here that’s why I can help you.” ¬†But then she begins to tease him. Laughing, saying that she’s drunk and can’t go with him. She then admits that she doesn’t care whether or not he dies, she only cares if she does. While Rick just wants to kill the 3 more andy’s, Rachael decided to make him sleep with her so he can fall in love with her and therefore probably feel empathy for androids. He falls for it. He actually does end up loving Rachel because ion page 223 he says to Roy Baty “And I loved Rachael.” She’s a sneaky son of a gun. Heck, she even ends up killing his goat in chapter 20!

Another point that I spotted out is that Buster Friendly was actually lying to the viewers the entire time. He makes a big announcement and tells the world that he is actually an android controlled by the sneaker Rosen Association. Buster has been making a different world for humans for years and no one even knew it. On page 209 is states that Buster Friendly says, “Yes, folks, swindle. Mercerism is a swindle!” That whole Buster Friendly thing was just a ¬†puppet of the Rosen Association and a tool to trick everyone!

Another¬†thing that I find really interesting how everyone goes to an empathy box so that they can survive. It’s so weird how when they fuse with Mercer that they begin to climb up a mountain. Pretty random and makes me question on to why a mountain? Why a box? It was different for Rick in chapter 21 when he tried doing it because he was doing it alone. Wonder why it was such a struggle for him when he tried doing it alone this time? Also why does he feel as if he will be immortal if he became Mercer?



Death isn’t a breather.

We are now starting to see a little bit more onto how these people are handling death. In Chapter 7, John Isidore begins to reveal on how sentimental even this dying of fake life makes him. Although other people in the shop seem to be un bothered by it. His boss Mr. Sloat actually seems to be not know the difference between a real cat or a fake one and then blames John for killing it. Isidore is terrirfied that he allowed a real animal to die. He then uses the phone to call one of the owners who is devastated over the cats death so even though other people in the shop aren’t heartbroken, atleast someone he calls is.

In chapter 8, Rick gets the demand from inspector Harry Bryant to “retire” (kill) Dave Holden a.k.a. Polokov. Rachel Rosen who is an android and a member of the Rosen Association calls Rick after he enters Polokov’s apartment building and tells Rick that the androids will retired him before he retires them. RIck didn’t care about what she had told him and goes casually upon his business. After Rick uses his standard pistol to wreck through Polokov’s head, he¬†immediately calls Bryant that Polokov has been retired pretty¬†nonchalantly. He then looks on to see what the next “andy” (android) is ready to be retired. Right away he tries to call his wife that he is optimistic about the fact that he just recieved $1,000 for it.

In chapter 9, Rick was taken into the New Hall of Justice and he begins to realize that the androids are just trying to kill him shortly before he does.

In chapter 10, while Rick is inside the New Hall of Justice he was booked for the crime of not representing himself as a police officer and homicide. One of the officers named Garland looks into Rick’s briefcase and takes out the equipment for the voigt-kampff empathy test (a test that determines whether or not someone is a human or an android). Plus the lists of androids that Rick is scheduled to die. He then finds out that he is indeed not an android. It’s pretty interesting to see how the reactions are after death is present.




The Machine Stops and Metropolis

In “The Machine Stops” by E.M. Forster, there is a vision of how the future may be very frightening. In this short story, their are two characters. One who’s name is Kuno and the other, named Vashti.¬†I’ll spare the plot of the story as I’m sure you guys have already read it and I assume we’ll be talking about it in class. As far as my response to it goes, I feel as if it is a story in which it really foreshadows where we are today. In today’s society, many may say that our world is becoming smaller and smaller day by day.¬†Take technology for example. Where were we 20 years ago? We didn’t even know what social network was. We had cell phones but they definitely weren’t “smart”. We couldn’t FaceTime someone from New York to Florida in 2 seconds like we do today. We couldn’t just go on Youtube and type in a movie we want to see. Yes, it makes things a lot easier and more convenient, but it also makes the world smaller and people more lazy. Now relating back to the short story, it sort of predicts the future in a way.

The people in the society have created a machine in which it takes care of their needs and they have started to worship it. They live underground where they are okay with living in little rooms¬†which are basically prison cells. They’ve become so focused, so engaged in being satisfied with this robot that the lack of communication grows largely. It foreshadows how today’s world is. Now of days, all you see on the train is phones , phones and more phones. My dad (who is 63) actually hates how everyone today is glued to their phone and their are very little face to face confrontations anymore. It’s funny how although it is technically legal for the people in the story to go out side, they choose not to because they have become to lazy and confined with themselves.¬†I actually just saw the movie Wall – E a couple days ago and it reminds me of it. In that movie there are people who live inside of a bubble and if they leave it, they might fall prey to harsh climates like predators and such.


The movie Metropolis, truth be told¬†was a bit painful to watch for me because of the fact that is in black and white and a silent movie. It was a bit dull to me and very boring, but besides that, it was very interesting as for as the whole plot goes. It takes place in the future where the rich people rule the entire city while the poorer people have to work hard on making sure the machines that make the city function work. It is similar to “The Machine Stops” because the people have to work underground. The conditions were¬†very inhumane where the boilers would become so hot that it would kill some workers because of it. Watching the movie now, to a lot of people including myself may seem a bit dull, but i can only imagine how mind blowing this movie was for its time. It was made in 1927, so to see all those beautiful visuals of that city must’ve been astonishing.

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Aaron Villalobos’s Introduction

What’s up guys?¬†I go by the name of Aaron Villalobos. No nickname¬†but that’s okay. Most of them were cliche anyways. I was born in Manhattan, raised and currently reside in Williamsburg Brooklyn. I wish I could say I was born and raised in Brooklyn but things happen (thanks mom). I’m Puerto Rican, and I am 20 years of age. This is my 6th semester here at City Tech and my major is Communications in Graphic Design. I currently work at the Polo store, part time in Times Square. Growing up I’ve always had long hair and loved The Beatles. Both of my parents are very old school, so my dad especially raised me with listening to oldies music like Motown, rock n roll, disco etc. It wasn’t until around 5th grade when I started listening to hip hop more thanks to rapper “50 Cent”. After that, I just sort of stopped listening to old school music (which still until this day my dad hates the fact i switched up on him but he still loves me). I attended¬†high school in 2008 not knowing anyone because all of my friends from Junior High went to a different school. The main reason for attending the High school that I went too was because my dad didn’t want me to take the train to school. I went to a school 10 minutes away from my house. I had really long hair and sat by myself in the lunchroom for¬†half of my freshman year. I was getting tired of the long hair, so I cut it and felt like a new man (my mom wasn’t too happy). Not that I was always shy but after that day, I felt like I became more out going , talkative, and just more confident about my self and how I look. I’ve always been a down to earth, funny, and a caring person. I’ve probably only missed about 8 days of school my whole entire life (my dad didn’t play any games). Never say never, but I have never been into any physical altercation with any one before. I’m not the person to start any problems. I get along with everyone, and I love to make people laugh. Speaking of that, every since Youtube came out, I’ve been making videos. I used to use Windows Movie Maker on my old Desktop and just make foolish videos with stuffed animals or dumb voiceovers with toys. Now of days, I make videos often on Instagram and vine for no reason. It’s all because I love to make people laugh. Lately I’ve been strongly considering getting my self into acting. Many people over the years have been telling me that it would be perfect for me. Even in my yearbook, people wrote that they wouldn’t be surprised if they see me on Tv in the future. Through out high school, I did the talent show every year and I don’t have any fear to perform in front of people. This year I am planning on getting a head shot and maybe taking acting class during the summer. I feel like that would something that I would LOVE to wake up and do every day of my life. I’m considering on using this degree as a plan B. So I can always have something to fall on just in case acting doesn’t work out. I love videos games as well. I play it every day. There are thousands of dollars worth of videos games and systems that are in my room right now. It’s basically a gamestop. Basketball is also another passion that I have. I watch NBA highlights everyday on my spare time and play it every year in the spring , summer or whenever it’s warm. There’s so many things that I can talk about but that would take for ever. When it comes to this semester, I plan on getting all A’s so I can get my GPA up!¬†Thank you to who ever took time out of their day to read this blog. Have a blessed and safe day!