Inverted pentagrams and stuff. (Proposal)

For project 2 I plan to write about the use of religion in science fiction. Religion is a common theme among multiple sic-fi texts yet it’s not really talked about, so I want to explore it’s purpose and how it is used across different texts, as well as the use of religious symbolism and imagery. An example would be talking about the use of religion in Metropolis, The Machine Stops, and Blade Runner. Metropolis has a positive view on religion, The Machine stops has a negative view on it, and Blade Runner explores the concepts and flaws of religion. I will not use these texts, but rather they are just examples of how religion is used to achieve different goal in different texts. I will, however, use Metropolis as it is the only film I have seen that is simply religious propaganda; it’s message is very positive towards religion, which is rare in sci-fi.

The format I choose to use for my project will be a basic research paper. My research will involve basic google searches of texts that have a heavy use of religious themes, and maybe creator commentary on those themes if available. I have already been pointed in some good directions by the 4 pages that mention religion in the intro to sci-fi book.



Professor Belli,

Since this will be a research paper will the info I use have to strictly be confirmed as religious by the content creators? Or can I also have a bit of my own analysis? Ex: Say if I cant find information proving that Metropolis is intended to be positive towards religion, can I still use it given my analysis of the obvious symbolism shown in the movie?

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  1. Surge, this project sounds great, and I’m glad to see you are continuing to research more on a theme that has interested you all semester. As for your question, no, definitely not. In fact, part of your project will be to explore (and highlight) how seemingly “secular” aspects of the texts take on religions aspects (or can be analyzed productively through a consideration of their “religious” elements). While of course it will be helpful to have sources that support your argument, you don’t need to find texts that already simply state what you want to claim (in fact, then you wouldn’t need to say it at all, because doing so would just be reporting back on another source instead of synthesizing various information / sources to create your own take on things).

    One thing, though, is that it the scope of this project still are pretty broad pretty, so as you continue your research, you should work to focus it more. What areas of “religion” are you going to explore in the genre? What texts will you explore? What secondary sources (critics–academic or otherwise–how are exploring similar issues) are you going to consult?

    Please create a revised proposal post where you work through some of this narrowing task.

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