“Every soul needs a little sweetness”

Wow these four chapters were very intense, we see some a brutal lifestyle that follows Connie and the people around her especially Dolly who we met right away and  who has to deal with her pimp Geraldo. The first chapter focuses on this one scene at Connie house when Dolly ends up after getting beaten by Gerald and she goes there to hide and rest but soon Geraldo arrives with a “doctor” and tries to butcher the baby away. Intense first chapter, afterwards we learn some more about these few character we meet and how they met along the way like Dolly & Geraldo history and what happened to them for them to end up as a pimp and prostitute situation. We learn more about Connie and how she surfer for others people problems in a way. She’s a older lady who deals with these younger crowd like Geraldo being a hustler kind of character pushing Dolly and her daughter etc.

Then in chapter Three theres a real twist when Connie slowly ends up in a Mental Hospital from the sort of confusing betrayal between Connie and Angelina. Then we meet Sybil who become a close friend and we get a some more background information on Luciente, who a confusing character to me. I will have to re read these chapter again to  reestablish my information but so far this is what I manage to get.

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