Happy Things & Spring Break!

Hi folks:

Karl's snacks!Today we took our midterm … thanks to Karl for being so generous by bringing in tons of snacks to keep everyone’s energy up!

We decided last week this is a good “tradition” to institute, so others should feel fee to bring communal snacks to class in the future. Yum.

Also, as we noted, four other happy things (some including extra credit & extensions … woohoo!) happened today in class … yippee 🙂

A reminder that we’re moving forward with our next novel, Woman on the Edge of Time, which we’ll be discussing over the next month or so. Please check the Schedule for blog response posts (and comments/People’s Choice votes) due dates between now and when we next meet as a class on Th 4/16.

You all have your mid-semester grades back, and anyone who needs to come see me to discuss his work/progress/status in the course & who couldn’t make it to today’s office hours should do so prior to the withdrawal deadline, which is Th 4/16 (which happens to be the next time we meet, so do plan ahead and e-mail me to set up something before our next class).

Most importantly, have wonderful/restful/relaxing/recharging/productive Spring Breaks, and see you all in a few weeks 🙂

Professors Belli

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