Project #1 First Drafts & Getting Ready for Peer Review Tomorrow (Th 3/19)

Hi everyone:

Just a reminder that I’m away at a conference this week, but one of my colleagues in the English Department, Professor Lovegreen, will be covering class tomorrow, when we will be peer reviewing your first drafts of Project #1.

It’s super important that tomorrow, you come to class on time (Professor Lovegreen will be breaking you up into peer review groups right at 2:30pm, so you need to be there to get put in one), and to bring four printed copies of your complete first draft essay to class (you won’t be able to do peer review if you don’t bring these with you), and to e-mail me the file before class (here’s more info. on submitting your writing to me electronically).

Before class tomorrow, please read through the Peer Review Guidelines (you can download/print out the file there, if you want to bring it in for reference), so you understand the way things will work during class tomorrow.

Below are some writing resources that you may want to look through before class, if you need a little re-familiarizing yourself with the purpose/structure of an argumentative essay.

Happy peer-reviewing, and let me know if you have any questions!

Professor Belli

*And two on how to provide/get feedback:

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