Tears in Rain

Well this is my first time watching the movie Blade Runner and I have to say I’ve had my first “The book was better than the movie” moment as I preferred the book over the movie. But I do have to say there was justice done throughout the movie here-and-there. First off, NO MOOD ORGAN or EMPATHY BOX??? Why take that out of play in this story? But I have a feeling there was the reference of some sort of control system of emotions or whatever in the beginning of the movie in 0:07:27 where the lady on the big video wall was demonstrating of the intake of some sort of pill. I feel like that is significance or reference to the pennfield system. In 0:24:26 the guy who is with Rick is making a stick man out of a match, to me that is a symbol to replication of life. When Rick goes to Zhora to test her he imitates someone else’s voice and pretends to be someone else to get to Zhora and corner her. That’s ironic how even in the movie Rick is sort of a hypocrite to being a hunter of the replicants who simulate life and he’s doing the same thing, but he’s considered human. Going back to Zhora, her character is a reference to Luba Luft and instead of being a singer she is a snake performing lady. That whole scene with Zhora reminds me of the chapter in the book when Rick tries to test Luba Luft. In 1:02:28, Leon is attacking Rick and he tells Rick “Painful to live in fear” and that mention of fear comes back in the end of the movie as a lesson to Rick. Poor Isidore…uhh I mean Sebastian, I don’t like that Roy kills him I wanted to see Sebastian’s despair of loosing his only friends the replicants. You get to see more of how the andy’s/replicants use their manipulation in the movie. In the book I saw the andy’s as more fearful and misunderstood and only reacting to survive but in the movie they are seen as more of a threat, that really defeated the image I saw of the Nexus 6’s. I do have to say that the ending of the movie was weird but more enjoyable than the ending of the book.

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