Sharing is Saving

So I just came back from visiting the Uneven Growth exhibit at MoMa, it was quite interesting. Plain and simple the exhibit shows the over-population of cities and what can be done to redistribute resources to expand in a more efficient way. Like sharing compost and services and living spaces to decrease unnecessary waste. Or how you can expand on empty areas or existing ares to decrease homelessness, instead of one family apartment how about many apartments on top of that apartment. Permanent homes and not temporary living spaces like shelters. I had a similar difficulty with other bloggers in finding the relevance to material we have gone through in class.  I think there is the comparison on how uneven growth and over population will kind of be our own World War Terminus. Which colonizing another planet is not so far-fetched as there is evidence of recent years that NASA has had plans to make mars habitable fire human life. We will be living in our own Blade runner world

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