4, 5 How to stay alive

Well I have just seen Bladerunner for the first time. Whew, what a weird movie. This film is definitely one like no other. It’s a lot different then any other film i’ve ever seen. Yet very interesting. I’ve read the book first so it really helps a lot because you already get the idea about what’s going on or whats going to happen next. Obviously not everything is the same for example, they don’t call them Androids or Andy’s like they do in “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”, they call them Replicants. Also how the city is so crowded but in the book they seem so isolated.

I think if i would’ve saw the movie before reading the book , I probably would have enjoyed it more. I would’ve been more into it and more surprised at the things that happened, but the fact that I read the book already makes it boring. Nonetheless, the movie was pretty good but there are some questions that came to my mind. Like, why do I feel like the movie is just a love story between Rick and Rachael? In the book it was more too it then that. Also , I really like how the movie showed more passion within the people on what is it to really be human.

The scene where Rick shoots the girl in the back is where I said to my self , okay now he’s really feeling for Rachael. Plus, at 33:37 , there was a pretty sad scene where Rick tells Rachael that she isn’t a replicant and that he made a bad joke. She starts to tear because he says that she has no real memories and they are just implants. He really starts to feel bad that he said that. He also states that Replicants aren’t suppose to have feelings and that they had photos because maybe they were like Rachael and needed memories.

Even in the scene where Leon tries to kill Rick which was pretty interesting to me. Leon asks Rick, “how many years I got” and Rick answers with 4. That’s when he started going bananas and tries to kill him while out of no where Rachael shoots Leon in the back of the head (which by the way the sound effects and the way it looked was pretty cheap)! Rachael must really care for Rick.

As for Pris, she’s just a nutcase. She has all this make up and what not on her face looking like the Joker or Robin and acts so weird towards Sebastian. The scene where Rick kills Pris was so sick and frightening for me. She just starts to go crazy like a dead fish out of water and really creeps me out. She was always a bit of a creep by the way she acted and looked anyways so good for her.

I love the Roy Baty character. Especially in the movie because they really show his passion. He was like the only one that wanted more life. The scene where Roy meets Tyrell and tells him “I want more life, fucker” was so great. It was very intense and the fact that he really took his eyes out was pretty sick but awesome. As for the ending, where Roy is trying to kill Rick and says “4, 5 how to stay alive”, it was pretty awesome. That was a lot of action where I didn’t really get from reading the book. I prefer the visual side of things. I disliked Roy until I started feeling bad him when he tried to save Rick. Which was a sick little twist that I wish happened in the book. The way that the book ended was like how we all discussed, a disappointment. I got the same feeling after watching the movie because it ended with just Rick and Rachael leaving you confused on to what happened after.

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