Well That Was Sneaky

After finally finishing the book, there are so many different conclusions, points or questions that cross my mind. One point that I will definitely make is that the people in this story are very sneaky. There are a few reasons on to why I think that. On chapter 16, Rachael tells Rick why she is there with him. She says on pg. 188, “I know Nexus-6 psychology. That’s why I’m here that’s why I can help you.”  But then she begins to tease him. Laughing, saying that she’s drunk and can’t go with him. She then admits that she doesn’t care whether or not he dies, she only cares if she does. While Rick just wants to kill the 3 more andy’s, Rachael decided to make him sleep with her so he can fall in love with her and therefore probably feel empathy for androids. He falls for it. He actually does end up loving Rachel because ion page 223 he says to Roy Baty “And I loved Rachael.” She’s a sneaky son of a gun. Heck, she even ends up killing his goat in chapter 20!

Another point that I spotted out is that Buster Friendly was actually lying to the viewers the entire time. He makes a big announcement and tells the world that he is actually an android controlled by the sneaker Rosen Association. Buster has been making a different world for humans for years and no one even knew it. On page 209 is states that Buster Friendly says, “Yes, folks, swindle. Mercerism is a swindle!” That whole Buster Friendly thing was just a  puppet of the Rosen Association and a tool to trick everyone!

Another thing that I find really interesting how everyone goes to an empathy box so that they can survive. It’s so weird how when they fuse with Mercer that they begin to climb up a mountain. Pretty random and makes me question on to why a mountain? Why a box? It was different for Rick in chapter 21 when he tried doing it because he was doing it alone. Wonder why it was such a struggle for him when he tried doing it alone this time? Also why does he feel as if he will be immortal if he became Mercer?



4 thoughts on “Well That Was Sneaky

  1. Actually Buster Friendly didn’t announce that he was an android, Roy Baty told Deckard that Buster was an android. Buster’s announcement was that the Mercerism is fake.

  2. Yeah I was like wait hold up, why’s he on a mountain all of a sudden. I guess there’s some hidden symbolic thing that P.K.D. was trying to do, i don’t know. It’s prob one of those things where you kind of decide what it means, and i can’t stand those type of endings.

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