Class Notes 2/19

Overall we discuss both stories “The Machine Stops” & “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”

Started the class with a free write discussing the Conflicts & Value in the story “The Machine Stops”

Afterwards we go into our usual circle group to discuss the conflicts and value as a group here’s what we got:


  • Kuno/ His mother Vashti (External conflict)
  • Lack of communication between both characters
  • Humans vs. technology (external conflict) in this case the machine
  • Individuality vs fitting in (hive mind set)
  • Kuno wanted to be a parent but was denied by the machine, was there some anger after this?
  • Technology determinism (debut on whether technology controls us or we control it.)
  • The feature in technology that enables certain things.


  • Freedom
  • Life
  • Future generations
  • Humanity
  • Family
  • Fear


  • Kuno actions not only impacts his values and curiosity but it helps the Homeless that are also waiting for the machine to stop.
  • Vashti (Kuno mother) workships the machine as if it was superior.
  • Another topic that comes up is the theme is Fear both Kuno and Vashti have their own fear.
  • The Homeless rebel against the machine.


Took 5 min. break then resume on to the Book

“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”

Started off going around the circle asking everyone what they though of the first half of the book Chapter (1-5) in one sentence and here’s what I manage to record.

  • Anger (on husband & wife)
  • issue with the time based on when it was written vs. how to read it now or approach it with it taking place in the future.
  • Boring chapter 1 & 2 but still important.
  • Its all about chapter 1 (me)
  • Emotions (dialing in)
  • Disappointed overall
  • “Liked it, very cool”
  • Awesome
  • Related it to cartoons
  • Dives deep
  • So far okay
  • Novel is better than the movie that was based on it
  • Who’s an android and who to trust
  • Different character every chapter
  • Adaptation
  • Confusion


– Rick : He’s a bounty hunter that retires (kills) Andys(Nexus 6) for money.

– Iran (Ricks wife) : Dislike Rick and his job. She has a big problem with emotions and being alone. She’s describe as having gray un-marry eyes, she’s also empathy and has a issue with the whole Penfield mood organ.

– Electric sheep : Rick is ashamed of owning the so called “electric” sheep. Owning an animal is some sort of status in the society.

Theme: EYES 

A big theme in the novel consist of EYES which are used to tell the humans from the androids, we see that the novel starts off talking about Iran eyes as grey and unmarry foreshadowing some other events later on in the story.

-How does Rick deal with all the killing of the Andys while owning one at home?

The three class in the Novel




Regulars: A regular is a person who meets the requirements of an IQ test, and as such is permitted to reproduce according to the law.

Specials: A special is a person who does not meet the requirements set by an IQ test. By failing the test, a person is classified as a special, and therefore can not marry or emigrate.

Andys or Androids:  is a robotic life form that is designed to look and act like a human being. There are only subtle differences between androids and humans, the most obvious of which is that humans can feel empathy, while androids do not.


  • Post WWT (World War Terminus)
  • Northern California
  • There’s some civilization on Mars




  1. Inextricably bound: Unbreakable
  2. Ideology: Belief system or world view
  3. consequence: importance or relevance
  4. intrinsic: belonging naturally
  5. wearisome: tired
  6. ersatz: fake
  7. apocalyps: allows SF writers to create new worlds and new world order
  8. Contingency: unexpected
  9. reverently: sacred, holy religious
  10. acquiescence: he reluctant acceptance of something without protest
  11. delirium: an acutely disturbed state of mind
  12. norms: standards
  13. bamboozling: bullying


Some notes on Openlab and new class activities

Now up on openlab is the favorite feature post plug in located on the top right of the class site, where you will get to vote fore your favorite post every week. All you got to do is vote for your favorite post, give a short reason why you liked that post and pull your name at the bottom.

Blog discussion leaders

Zac, Nicholai, Carl

They are responsible for making a five minute presentation on interesting thing they found on the current week blog post.

Reading discussion leaders

Surge, Jon, Pete

they are responsible for having topic to discuss when we get into our circle discussion.

Surge Chp 1-5

Pete chp 6-15

Jon Last section of the book




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