Introducing, (drum roll) Me :)

Yummz! Greetings and salutations, this is just a quick introduction made possible today by the letter W. Hopefully that gave you some sort of indication as to what kind of personality I have, but Hi, my name is Nicholai Granados, I’m aspiring to have a career in animations and design, I want to make cartoons and video games, weather it be through scripts, visuals, programming, animation, or design, I want to be involved in the field. I really want to pursue some sort of acting experience, I love creating characters and doing voices, impersonations, whatever. Being funny (or trying to be funny) is something that has defined me as a person, so I cant really be serious, so if I act goofy in class…my bad, if you dont like it just let me know :3 Uhhhhh, oh, I’m also a fixie head, meaning that i ride a fixed gear bike like a madman and have no regard for my safety. Uhh and something random about me, I love Pandas to death, like if i saw a panda ever I would probably faint, I hate koala bears for reasons, and before attending this school I was seriously training to become and underground cage fighter and then go big time. And thats a little about me, Tell me stuff about you (my fellow class mates and professor), I’d love to hear what you’d have to say “D

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About nag241

Lets see, something about me? Well right now I'm kinda of floating around in life, I lost direction a while ago but i think I'm starting to find my way around, and where I think its going to lead me might be in art, (BTW this whole paragraph is about my future and what i think about that) by becoming a animator and a cartoonist, I really love cartoons, like I grew up on it and am really excited about creating shows on the internet or on TV. Now on to the good stuff of who I am as a person. I am somewhat crazy and super energetic. I have ADHD II and not that I'm telling you this as an excuse or anything, its something I'm really proud of, I own and utilize it to the fullest, Especially when I'm riding my bike. I am a exercise enthusiast, and love being active, to be honest writing about it right now is giving me the urge to run around. I love pandas, my favorite colors are Pink and Black, I Hate koalas cause there ass-holes, and I love doing voices impressions and acting. There's really alot more about me that i can tell you, however I'm too lazy to write it so if it pleases you and you're interested, you (my classmates and/or teacher) can ask me and I would be so happy to tell you whatever you want to know. Sooo yeah, that's me, in a nutshell I guess. I'm very excited for this class, and to get to know those in it. Can't wait to work together with you guys.

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