Class notes for 2/5/15

Class notes for 2/5/15


The Professor did a review of the first class:

Asked if there were any questions regarding the syllabus


Clarified the Introduction


Professor Jill then:

Thanked all for the postings the Introductions

She said if you haven’t done your introductions, please do them

Assignments cannot be made up

Going forward Blogs are due on time

Don’t forget to categorize your blogs

If you feel lost or need help use Open Lab “Help” refresher


Reminder to use your name, not required but helpful

Also reminder to print out reading assignment

and bring to class


We spoke of the first read,

What is Science Fiction?

Science fiction is hard to classify, it is a hybrid.

Takes from many different things





Then we went onto free discussion: Class notes on the board

  • Annotating the Text and bring to class
  • Elements of fiction

Plot – Storyline- series of events; what actually happened

Characters – People who are in the story

Setting – Location/Time/Atmosphere

Point of View – Perspective

Theme – The main idea, moral of the story, message

Conflict – Clash, dilemma, problem

both (external and internal) values – competing


Then we broke up into groups and reviewed and put on the board our interpretation of The Machine Stops.


Professor reminded us that there is no class next week, but blogs are due on 2/10 and 2/17

Read Do Android’s Dream of Electric Sheep, segments (pages) to read will be posted by the professor and blog only on the segments. Revisit Metropolis over the next two weeks. Go over the schedule to catch up on your reading.

Features to View for exceptional blogs went to Eugene and Surge.

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